10+ Best Modern Home Office Designs Ideas


A person's working corner is the place that best shows their profession. Artists will have a unique office to evoke inspiration. Desk accountants often fill papers with numbers in an order only they understand. Book enthusiasts will put their precious inheritance neatly on wooden shelves. So, what is your modern home office?

It would be simple if we only need a set of furniture to be able to work smoothly but in reality, all boredom makes people distract and just want to leave the place. This coming weekend, take some time to revise the learning / working corner like these 15 designs and where will you feel better?

Design of working room at home

After selecting the location of modern home office, the next task to be done is to design the interior of the office, arrange the objects in a scientific and reasonable way.

You should place your desk in positions directly opposite the door because this is the position with the most power. Seats should be leaned against a solid wall, to avoid being startled when someone enters the room.

Unlike interior design for office at work or company, home office is also a relaxing place. So you can hang family pictures inspire and increase productivity.

A picture of a family should be hung on the left side to inspire productivity and help family members live more harmoniously.

Many homeowners today, when possible, are returning to the traditional way of organizing the library to bring into full play the advantages as well as limit the negative impact on the space. For spaces that are prone to reading and looking up in the form of a letter room, it is necessary to arrange more carpentry when using materials. The desk should be comfortable, with space for convenience to examine, avoid sitting with your back to the door.

Do not hang emotionless or unhappy pictures when designing the office.

You can add an aquarium or a pot of plants as well. Because it helps to create a lively atmosphere, green trees also help balance the influence caused by electronic equipment.

Thoroughly symmetrical layout

It is not difficult to see this angle as an excellent installation of symmetrical composition. From dividing the space between the desk and the bookcase, the number of drawers and the sizes to the staggered brown and white colors on the bookshelf. In such an elegant and absolute scientific order, not concentrating is the real difficulty.

Breakthrough of asymmetry

So what about asymmetry? High and low, black and white jammed with bright colors or the impromptu dividing bookshelf makes the numbers more arid? Asymmetrical coordination requires a certain subtlety and modern home office at the hand of the designer so as not to push the whole over the delicate boundary with mess, mess - the taboo in a desk.


Every detail is minimal and transparent in a desk where you get rid of all the seemingly indispensable frivolity and confusion to see the essence of the problem. In fact, minimalism is not about saving more or less, but about capturing what the individual really wants: like a thin sheet of glass for the table with the most expensive chair.

Relaxing working style

Interesting people know how to bring it to every corner of their life, even in the most serious place like a desk. The rocking chair, unique decorations, and warm neutral paints like pink, orange make this working corner a relaxing place.

Teamwork room

If you are a designer who needs a relatively large flat surface and space for your teammates to work with, it would be great to choose a plain white place and add red spots on the row of seats.

A bookworm's office

A nerd's office is often filled with books and collectibles because their common feature is meticulousness and a hoardy nature. A bookcase that extends along the wall with a versatile waist height will be very suitable. In addition, the warm color of the wood also makes the pages more attractive than ever.

Working room next to the relaxing corner

People who prefer to be specific often want to maximize space division in a connection that only they understand. Simple wooden desks and bookshelves facing the balcony with beautiful potted plants and a romantic white railing seem to be the occasional glimpse into our minds of an ideal home.

Detail Design Ideas:

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