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Created by an editorial team from areas such as travel, entertainment, health, science, education …
We look forward to contributing valuable information to you, creating a broad knowledge sharing community.
Strict admission and censorship, we allow guest posts on the website with rich content and useful for readers.
  • 800+ Unique, Informative, Grammatical Mistake-Free Good Written article
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What is Guest Post? How to grow traffic from Guest Posts


A guest post or guest post is a person who owns a website or blog who creates a unique and original article that publishes that article on a blog or other site where the author is often mentioned on the front page. the end of the article.

Guest posting can help build brand awareness and drive new traffic to your website . However, Matt Cutts has given advice not to use Guest Blog for SEO purposes only , so think of the user audience to bring valuable useful information to them.

Here's a question we get a lot from clients: What is a guest post? How is it different than a regular blog post? A Guest Post is a an article written and posted on someone else's blog. When you write something on your own blog its just a "post", but on someone else's blog the writer is a ‘guest’. Guest posts are valuable tools for reputation marketing for a number reasons like getting your brand mentioned or occupying branded search query results. But most people use them to embed backlinks. Guest posts are abused though, and we'll get to that later in this article.

If you have found someone else's blog to blog on then you are the 'guest author'. We'll assume you are doing it both get the word out and hope to get a link back to one of your own web properties.

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1. Sitechecker (see detail here)

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2. HubSpot (see detail here)

HubSpot is a customer platform with all the software, integrations, and resources you need to connect your marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. HubSpot's connected platform enables you to grow your business faster by focusing on what matters most: your customers.

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3. UENI - A website that is ready to sell & take bookings (see detail here)
You answer a few questions and we will use that information to build a beautiful website that tells the world why your business is unique. The website or online store will include all the elements essential for your type of business. We will write the content, create the design, optimize for SEO, and build out your products and services. We will also create additional sections like your portfolio, team, blog, gallery, and events to bring your business to life.

No complicated DIY web design builders —just a product that works for you.

What are Guest Posts?

Guest Posts or guest posts are articles published on someone else's website or blog.

Guest Post ensures the following elements:

  • Guaranteed Unique Content Never Published Elsewhere
  • Provide useful and valuable information to readers
  • No plagiarism, spam just for SEO purposes

There are three reasons why guest posting is an important strategy for every blogger to build their influence online:

Build relationships

Bloggers or website owners need good content. As a guest blogger adding value to other people's blogs, you will build relationships with other bloggers.

Bloggers make up a large percentage of the conversations that happen on the Internet, especially on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can have a tremendous influence. Which makes them the good friends they deserve.

By making friends with other bloggers through guest posting, you will grow your influence in the social media arena, which in turn will get more people to subscribe to your blog.

Guest Posts are great for search engines

Guest posts should include a link back to your blog in the post somewhere (usually at the top or bottom).

Over time, these backlinks will enhance the value of your blog to search engines, making your content easy to find through Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other Search Engines.

Introduce new users to the website

Perhaps, the best part of Guest Post is that it allows you to join an established community and share your writing. It allows you to connect with new people, which can benefit you, if you do it right.

If you add value to the discussion, you'll find that converts over time for more readers, and followers. On the contrary, if all you do is focus on achieving the goal of selling products or services, you may lose your reputation.


The concept of Guest Post is really not too difficult to understand, right? Hopefully, through the sharing around Guest Posting above, it will help the comrades in the battle to capture TOP on the giant Google's deified board. Comments from readers are very welcome!

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