About Us

vote-ny.com is a non-profit website serving the benefit of providing information to the community on the internet

Here are some of the services offered at vote-ny.com

Advanced Digital Marketing Tips: One of our main area of concentration is to give our audience information on Digital marketing strategstrategies that can transform their general knowledge and skills into something big.

Business Ideas and Opportunities: We also engage in giving out information that can help small scale business owner and those planning to operate a small scale business.

Effective Health Services Management: And again,  we offer an amazing tip to health workers on how to improve their attitude towards clients, apply basic quality principles in their daily activities. Etc.

We are also engaged in so many topics ranging from technology, software reviews, website reviews, wordpress tips, SEO, and other  Educational related topics.

Our chief executive editor is John Smith. For any enquiry kindly forward your query to admin@vote-ny.com for fast response, you can as well reach the management team on this address. 

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