7 most famous dishes in Hungary


Referring to European tours, people often choose countries such as France, Italy, and Spain. So have you ever thought you would travel to Hungary? Maybe you did not know that the Hungarian tours are also very attractive tours. Beautiful Hungary not only has great architecture, brilliant rose fields, but also extremely attractive dishes. In this article, let's explore the most famous Hungarian food.

Paprikas Csirke

If you travel to Hungary without enjoying the specialties in Hungary, it is a shortcoming. Please visit restaurants, eateries in Hungary and enjoy the delicious dishes here.

One of the most famous dishes in Hungary that you should enjoy is Paprikas Csirke. This dish is essentially chicken stew with Paprikas. This is a traditional hot pepper powder of the Hungarian people that is prepared from both green and red peppers. When enjoying this dish, you will clearly feel the spicy taste of the sauce and the fatty, sweet taste of the chicken. All of these flavors make for an extremely wonderful dish. Paprikas Csirke is usually served with a fruit salad. The best place to enjoy Paprikas Csirke is the Budapest Great Market Hall.


In Hungarian culinary culture, lunch is the most important meal of the day and in this main meal, soup is indispensable. The Hungarians make a lot of different soups such as bean soup, chicken soup, and vegetable soup. One of the most popular soups is Halaszle fish soup. This is also one of the most famous Hungarian food. This soup has the main ingredient of fish and other simple spices, but the way to cook it is very sophisticated and takes a lot of time. The more delicious this soup, the longer it is simmered, the richer the broth and the sweetness of the fish.

Újházy chicken broth

Újházy chicken broth is a popular traditional soup in Hungary. This dish is also often used during important holidays in this country. The main ingredients of this soup are chicken and some other familiar vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, peas, mushrooms and some essential spices.

Compared to other Hungarian soups, this soup is very different. The soup has a mild flavor, the sweetness of chicken and vegetables differs from the spicy and rich flavors of other soups.

Gulyás vegetable soup

If it comes to the most delicious and famous soups in Hungary, it is impossible not to mention Gulyás vegetable soup. This is one of the most famous dishes in Hungary and is considered the national soul of Hungary. This soup comes from herding nomads. The main ingredients of this dish are pork, carrots, onions and some other vegetables and fruits.

Jokai bean soup

Jokai bean soup is a popular dish in Hungary with its delicious taste and nutritional ingredients. The main ingredient of this dish is of course beans, in addition to the smoked meat, parsley roots, carrots, vinegar, cream.

This famous dish is named after a famous writer in 19th century Hungary - Jokai Mor. Reading now, you may think that he was the creator of this dish, but in fact it is not like that.

He is just a very ordinary customer and frequents a restaurant. The special thing is that he only orders bean soup for his meal. Because of this, the owner of this restaurant decided to name this bean soup after his name.

Vegetable Soup Lecso

Perhaps there are few countries in the world where the soup is as popular as in Hungary. One of the famous soups in Hungary is Lecso Vegetable Soup. The ingredients that make up this dish are very familiar ingredients such as green chili, red pepper, tomato and some other spices.

This vegetable soup is a dish whose popularity extends beyond the borders of Hungary, spreading throughout Europe. You will certainly never forget the wonderful taste of this dish when enjoying it. The cool taste of vegetables blended with the rich broth, the spiciness of the chili to make a great dish.


If in France there is a very famous dish made from foie gras, fattened foie gras, in Hungary there is also a dish made from the equally famous foie gras that is fried foie gras - Libamáj. This is one of the most famous dishes in Hungary and is often served in upscale restaurants. Compared with the fattened French foie gras, the Hungarian fried foie gras has a completely different taste. If you have the opportunity to travel to Hungary, you should try this dish once. Its taste is worthy of one of Hungary's leading cuisines.

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