How to hypnotize someone to do what you want?

Hypnosis lead is the process in which a hypnotist puts you in a dreamy or hypnotic state. It is the most important link in the process of hypnosis. If the hypnotherapist cannot lead the person under hypnosis into a state of hypnosis, nor can other activities of the hypnosis take place. Through this approach, the hypnotist can passively help the client; minimizes response; narrow your attention span; intensify hallucinations, gradually enter a hypnotic state. There are How to hypnotize someone such as traditional leading; stare; deep breathing pattern; mixed type; direct type; collapsible and gradual release pattern

The first is the traditional way of hypnosis.

This approach includes sensory guidance; lead naturally; leads to good memories; lead to remember school time need to apply correctly; It is appropriate that this test method will be effective. Moreover, not all methods are perfect but need to be applied at the right time; right person. Sensory guidance is appropriate for a client who is in a turmoil; don't know where to start speaking. In this situation allow the client to go from his sensory experience into a state of hypnosis; Their subconscious knows the answer automatically. Guiding methods based on the person's feelings are increasing rapidly; also more accurate. This method is suitable for delicate sensitive people; but completely unsuitable for people with serious mental illness. If they are not well, their feelings are alleviated; will prevent them from entering a state of hypnosis. So before practicing hypnosis therapy; need to learn carefully about the client; to choose the right method of hypnotherapy.

The method of leading good memories; Help the person being hypnotized remember what happened clearly, experience the mood at that moment, present the situation in mind, coordinate with the hand-raised movement, so that it will be easy to enter medium hypnosis. This method is suitable for people who are good at speaking, rich in emotions, especially the elderly with these characteristics. Proceed as follows; “Now, please remember, remember the stories of the past that made you feel happy and good. You should go back to the depths of your memories, to remember things that make you happy.

Second, the way hypnosis leads to gaze in How to hypnotize someone. This is a method of leading hypnosis to stimulate the sensory organs of the person who is hypnotized (vision), so that they focus their attention. Also thanks to this physiological focus, making the visual fatigue, slowly for the visual nervous system to paralyze, eventually the central nervous system is tired, from there entering a state of shallow hypnosis, with the manifestation of a vague, relaxed mind. This is a commonly used method in hypnosis. In this method, since the hypnotized person's characteristics are different, like to see different things, there are many variations. It is also possible for the person under the hypnosis to see anything, but mainly a luminous object, such as a light bulb, a mirror, a glass ball, a fire spot, a ceiling or an object movements like a pendulum, a finger, a ring held in the finger, it can also be special colors, a hypnotist's face or pupils.

Third, the way hypnosis leads to deep breathing. Perform deep breathing, can release feelings of tension, release psychological pressure. Wanting to help the person under hypnosis enter the hypnosis state, an important condition is to dispel stress, so deep breathing is a very good method of leading hypnosis. If the person being hypnotized knows how to control their breathing, it can be beneficial. The principles of the deep breathing method help the person being hypnotized to pay attention to listen to the hypnotist's instructions and implications. Specifically, it is as follows: Bringing the hypnotized person to a very comfortable, quiet place that allows them to sit comfortably on a regular chair or sofa is fine. The method of leading to deep breathing can help the hypnotized person focus his attention, to a certain extent, from which to enter the hypnotic state. But it should be noted, the breathing rate should not be slow and fast, to pay attention to the specific situation to determine. When the hypnotized person vigorously resists the hypnotist's suggestion, for example, then do not breathe too deeply in How to hypnotize someone.

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