The DS200 Precinct Ballot Scanner


The DS200 Ballot Scanner system is a portable electronic voting system that uses an optical scanner to read marked paper ballots and tally the results.  This system allows for paper ballots to be immediately tabulated at your polling site.  It also notifies you of any voting errors.  You will be able to immediately correct these errors to ensure that Your Vote Counts!

Using a Paper Ballot

Paper Ballot Completion Demonstration

Your county has selected the DS200 ballot Scanner to read and tabulate your ballot.  Here is the general process used for completing your paper ballot before scanning it.

After checking in at your polling site, an Inspector provides you with a paper ballot and a privacy sleeve.

The privacy sleeve is used to shield your completed ballot from view.

You also receive a special marking pen to use to complete your ballot. Make sure you only use this pen when filling out your ballot. The ballot scanner may not correctly register your vote choices made with any other type of marking device.

You will be directed to a booth or area where you can complete your ballot in privacy.

If you haven’t voted before with a paper ballot, make sure to ask the inspector for a demonstration.

Our inspectors are trained to show you how to fill in the ballot and process it on the scanner and are always happy to help.

The paper ballot has voting instructions, office titles, candidates, and/or issues for this election printed on both sides.

Make sure to mark every contest by completely filling in the oval to the upper right of the name of the candidate or issue of your choice.

Do not use an 'X' or other notation."

The marking pen is not erasable, so don’t try to erase or cross out a choice after it has been made.

Do not make stray marks on the ballot.

You should also avoid rolling or folding the ballot.

If you make a mistake or damage the ballot, return it to the Inspector for a replacement. Be aware that a limited number of replacement ballots is allowed.

You can also include write-in candidates.  Fill in the oval next to the words “WRITE-IN” and write the candidate’s name on the line.

After voting, insert the ballot into the privacy sleeve.  The Inspector will direct you to the DS200 Ballot Scanner.

Scanning Instructions

See video detail:

Paper Ballot Scanning Instruction

Once your ballot is completed, it is time to scan it.

Scanning your ballot in the DS200 is easy.  But, remember, if you need assistance; don’t hesitate to ask your helpful inspector.

Many elections provide on-screen messages in multiple languages. In this case, select the language of your choice by touching the corresponding button on the display screen.

The ballot may be inserted into the ballot slot in any orientation.

If you have any questions regarding your ballot, please ask an Inspector for clarification before inserting your ballot into the DS200.

After inserting your ballot, check the display screen to see if there are any error messages.

If the ballot message is Blank Ballot or Over Voted Ballot, press Don’t Cast — Return on the touch screen to get the ballot back to make changes.

If you’d like to submit your ballot as-is, select Cast Ballot on the touch screen.

If the ballot is damaged and not accepted by the scanner, return it to the Inspector for replacement.

To complete the process and cast your ballot, press the Cast Ballot button.

The display screen notifies you when your ballot has been cast successfully.


Your ballot is stored in the secure ballot box.

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