The most popular modern and beautiful roof styles today


The roof is an extremely important component that largely determines the overall aesthetics of the home architecture. Not only that, a well-designed roof will create comfort for both the homeowner living in that space and the repairers and maintenance workers later on.

It is like a shield that protects the house from the harsh weather conditions of nature such as: Rain, sun, dust, humidity that few structural components in the construction can fully undertake this role.

If you are planning to build a home for your family, the post advises more or less to find out how many types of roof is commonly used in Vietnam, advantages and disadvantages of each. Type is how, in accordance with the regulations of the construction ministry and the overall architecture around or not and then compare with the existing budget to make the correct decision.

This article is like a comprehensive guide, giving you the most comprehensive view of beautiful, modern roof types.

Basic concept

Put simply, the roof is usually placed at the top of a house to help cover other structures. With good insulation and waterproofing properties, it is designed with the main function of protecting the house against the effects of the weather.

If you observe the buildings in the area you live, it is easy to see the roofs in the form of multi-sided pyramids or simply a flat surface or curved arch.

In Western countries, the roof also functions as a chimney for fireplaces, a support platform when it snows.

The main component of the roof types

A standard roof must meet the following 2 components:

Bearing structure components: is the overall name of the components that can include: wind bridges, trusses, semi-trusses, purlins, recovered walls,  and bearing bracing layers. These components are responsible for withstanding its own weight (static load) and external forces (dynamic load).

Covering structure composition: Also known as roofing, is clad onto a bearing structure that can be made of materials such as: lithium, tile, phipro ximang, metal. This ingredient must be at least resistant to rain / sun, absorbent, heat and so on.

Types of roof classification

Flat roofs

The main material is concrete, this type of roof often appears in Western countries, compact level 4 houses often combine with this type of roof to look more modern.

The advantages of flat roofs are high bearing capacity, fire resistance, good heat resistance, the house with flat roofs becomes a solid overall bonding block.

Construction units and homeowners need to pay special attention to the waterproofing part because this roof's drainage capacity is quite slow when the slope is only from 5% to 8%, so water is easily seeped into other components, bottom and create very bad, mottled mold stains.

The design of the flat roof also means that the total volume of the upper part of the house has also increased significantly, so that the foundation and other bearing structures of the whole house need to be carefully calculated cracks in the wall are obvious.

Slope roof types

This is the most popular roof type in Vietnam, this type of roof can consist of more than 2 roofs designed in a symmetrical or deviated type (roof) sometimes it is just a flat surface with a large inclination. Slope roofs commonly used in villa design are the type of works that need highlights, elegance and prestige.


It is very rare for you to encounter domed houses, it often appears on movies, television, books, more specifically the ancient castles in the West. The dome is also sometimes intertwined with other types of roofs to bring a break.

Classification according to constituent materials

Traditional roof type is used for a long time going through the history of the roof tile today, not only made of terracotta but also many variations on other materials such as plastic or alloy, but look the general design of each tile is not much different.

If you want your house to have an ancient style, the tile roof is the first choice for homeowners, this type of roof is a patchwork of many tiles, so you need to be very careful in the process of roofing. avoid openings.

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