Top Birdhouse designs Gorgeous And Modern

You like to raise ornamental birds but do not know what to choose. A synthesis of good ornamental bird farming experiences that you should read before you start learning and raising ornamental birds.

Wild birds: are birds caught from the forest, have not been tamed, reproduced in artificial conditions: lacquer, stingy, persimmon, baron, lark, hump, cuckoo ... You are new person, inexperienced. Buy familiar birds (birds that are purebred, are familiar with artificial food, are familiar with cage life), should not buy newly caught guinea pigs (carpenters) from the forest, survival is very little!

Talking birds: Some are wild birds, some are breeding birds in cage cages: Vietnamese green parrots, Malay parrots, Australian parrots; barracuda, flute, compulsive, crow. Should choose to buy baby birds that are just beginning to learn to eat, birds are fat, so they have relatively full feathers, can fly short distances. You will have to act as the bird's feed nanny, but this will make it easier for the bird to get used to you and learn to speak faster.

Small ornamental birds: Most people make small outdoor bird cages to enjoy their diverse colors, observe how they nest, hatch eggs, raise children; assign, create new colors. The song of the small bird is not loud, often monotonous, but sounds quite funny. Especially in the case of Yen singing (Canary), he can sing well, his voice is quite loud and can reproduce in the cage.

Choose an outdoor birdhouse designs

Principles and experiences of choosing to buy birds to raise:

Choose healthy birds, have fun dancing, and eat easily

- Choose birds with bright eyes, do not shed tears; clean nose, no viscous mucus; do not sneeze

- The coat is smooth, clean, pressed against the body

- The smooth skin of the feet is a young bird (the baby bird is small), the more rough, the bigger the bird.

- The bird's feet are clean, no lumps, no scratches. Toenails are moderately long, straight with toes, do not curl, and do not lose toes.

- The anus is clean, not dirty and sticky stool

- Turn the bird upside down on the palm of the hand: the breast is soft, plump, with a thin layer of fat (proving the bird is well nourished).

- Watching birds fly and jump: agile, not deviating. When standing, all the toes are bent, firmly attached to the roosting rod, the bird stands firmly and does not tilt.

These are general guidelines when choosing to buy pet birds. The degree of purebred birds, good singing or not, can someone with experience know. If possible, buy from an acquaintance or an experienced artisan, and you will reduce the risk more.

Note: Newly bought birds, absolutely do not breed them or keep them too close to existing birds at home. Isolation should be monitored for a period of time, usually from 1-4 weeks, depending on the type of bird and its ability to spread disease.

Otherwise, it is likely that the new bird, while healthy, is a source of incubation, and will spread the disease causing damage to the domestic bird.

Wonderful birdhouse designs

Fairy House

Design of barn: ensure ventilation in summer, warm in winter. Depending on the actual number of peacocks being kept, the narrow width of the peacock cage may vary. A standard box cell (can raise 4-6 individuals of adult birds, or 10-15 individuals from 6-12 months old), usually with the following design:

Width: 3.5 - 4m

Length: 5 - 6m

Height: 2.7 - 3m

To reduce costs, you can take advantage of the available warehouse, workshop, pigpen, chicken coop to transform into a peacock cage. You should design an extra cage to take care of peacocks separately during illness, or during disease monitoring to avoid infecting other individuals.

Upcycled Teapot Birdhouse

Materials for cage construction: can be used bamboo, neohouzeaua, or B40 net around or as a partition. The roof of the cage uses wire nets to prevent birds from flying. You can also use plastic shingles to roof the barn, and birds have shelter from the rain. Be careful not to use small wire mesh or plastic wire as a partition, because birds will mistakenly think that food is food, easily lead to perforation or kite.

And more modern designs such as:

Awesome Little Bird House


Basket Birdhouse


Beautiful Bird Houses


Bird House


Bird houses, flower box with old hardware


Birdhouse “Triple”


Birdhouse On a Flowery  Tree


Book Birdhouse


Boot Birdhouse


Coffee Can Birdhouse


Cool Birdhouse


Creative Bird House


Gorgeous Birdhouse


Shabby Chic White Birdhouse


Shells Birdhouse


Steamy Wisps Copper Teapot Birdhouse

The Curious Treehouse


Twig Birdhouse


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