What is Entrepreneurial motivation? 6 ways to keep it


What is Entrepreneurial motivation?

Motivation is an internal motivation that pushes you to move forward or stay away from something.

Entrepreneurial motivation is the process of transforming an ordinary individual to a powerful businessman, who can create opportunities and helps in maximizing wealth and economic development. It is defined as various factors stimulate desires and activates enthusiasm in entrepreneurs which make them attain a particular goal. Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying strengths and opportunities which help in the realization of one’s dreams for designing, developing and running a new business by facing threats and risks effectively.

6 ways to maintain the entrepreneur motivation of successful entrepreneurs, to help them persevere and achieve great success.

Praise and encourage all employees' efforts and successes

As a manager, remember to always praise your employees for their good performance even if they are only half-done. The employees will then see that you appreciate and acknowledge the efforts they've put in. Motivate your employees in this way by giving your employees compliments, honors, and encouragements weekly or monthly. Besides, you need to build a friendly program for employees as well as give monthly rewards to encourage them such as: A gift coupon, rewarding the best employee of the month. This way of motivating employees is simple, but it is really effective, contributing to optimal labor efficiency as well as entrepreneur motivation to work better.

Recognize deserving employees

Research has shown that money accounts for 25% and recognition as 17% directly affects people's motivation. According to research by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, the most successful managers routinely give their employees recognition throughout their lives. Reality has shown that managers realize significantly better business results when they recognize employees' efforts and performance in the form of constructive compliments, not bonuses. Therefore, managers often combine the form of praise and recognition of the success of employees to give them the greatest motivation to complete their jobs as well as create a working environment positive, effective.

Fair treatment

Many employees care about the fairness of the company's treatment. This is first seen in the payment of employees' salaries. You must give a salary that the employees feel reasonable, depending on the capacity of each person and pay extra for overtime work. At that time, employees will clearly define their income goals and be self-motivated, plan to achieve the set goals as well as force employees to strive to achieve the goals that managers have outlined out. This approach is really effective and is often used to motivate sales staff. In addition, managers need to offer clear, public and fair salary and bonus incentives for employees from old to new, from senior to low.

Listen to your employees' personal concerns

The employee's concerns will greatly affect the productivity of each employee. Therefore, managers need to listen to the opinions and expressions of each employee in order to have suitable solutions to remove these "bottlenecks". Listening, concentrating and respecting the needs of employees not only helps motivate employees but also increases the ability to work effectively in groups as well as creates a relationship of harmony and trust between employees and managers physical.

Balance the employee's life and work

Attention to employee's life is essential for managers to stay focused and have effective motivational strategies for each of their employees. A small act will make a big difference in an employee's life, as simple as giving his advice, his opinion or his view of the problem the employee is facing in life. Helping the difficulties in the life of employees not only creates peace of mind for them to work but also shows employees they are cared for, from which they will devote themselves to the business. In addition, managers should encourage their employees to raise their opinions, suggestions, and feedback on jobs and corporate policies. The way of working of each employee will help the business go up better, so give them the opportunity to express their opinions and voices during the working process.

Train and improve skills for employees

The best way to motivate employees to work effectively is to organize staff training for employees regularly. With the equipped skills, training will help employees complete their jobs better while increasing their ability to attract and retain talents to stay with the business. To improve the skills of your employees, you can provide materials, resources for them to do research on their own, or organize training sessions to help them develop their competencies more effectively. Employee initiatives are directly related to the business results of the business because they are the ones directly producing products or designing services, who are involved in dealing with customers and solving solutions daily problem solving. Thus, managers need to consider and select excellent and loyal employees to have effective training plans, improve skills without wasting resources and resources of the business.

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