How to make beeswax wraps

This is a 100% cotton fabric with beeswax coating that provides very good air resistance. It can be used to cover dishes or directly wrap food, especially washable by hand and reusable many times.

However, note that this type is not used to wrap raw fish meat or hot food packages. The high temperature will melt the wax. Therefore, the post will introduce how to make beeswax wraps.

Although not very popular, beeswax fabrics are the right choice for your kitchen. Propolis fabric is made from 100% cotton fabric and beeswax. It is used as a substitute for plastic food wrap to wrap dishes, bottles and directly over food.

Materials needed in how to make beeswax wraps:

- Beeswax

- Coconut oil (if you don't have it, the cloth will be harder)

- Cotton - the thinner the better!

Method 1:

Heat the beeswax + coconut oil mixture in the microwave for 5-6 minutes until melted, stir well, then spread on the fabric.

Method 2: (only use beeswax - no coconut oil)

Put the fabric on a large ceramic dish, then grind the beeswax, sprinkle it on the fabric and then put it in the microwave, rotate for 3-5 minutes until the wax melts. This method does not seem very safe because the fabric may burn if the oven temperature is too high (My is burned 2 pieces, pee !!)

Method 3: (only beeswax - no coconut oil)

Also shred the beeswax to crumble and sprinkle on the fabric then lay on top of the fabric 1 layer of OIL PAPER and iron until the wax melts to absorb into the fabric.


- Because the fabric, when covered with beeswax film, becomes a WATER-non absorbent cloth, so it will keep bacteria from entering, preventing good odors. Therefore, we can use it to replace disposable plastic food wrap, replace plastic boxes, replace plastic bags.

ONG FABRICS Things such as:

- Vegetables and fruits to keep them fresh

- Mouth wrap / fruit slices

- Bread wrap, cheese, cereal (peanuts, almonds ...)

- Cover the mouth of bottles, dishes ... contain food

Note: Do not use it for wrapping meat and fish (raw foods), should not be used with acidic fruits and vegetables (such as lime, pineapple, oranges, etc.). Do not use HOT COVER cover - as this may cause the wax to melt!


- Use it until it's crumpled up, then the fabric is still beautiful and will be covered with beeswax !!

- Every time the cloth is dirty, rinse with water - avoid vigorous scrubbing - then dry in the sun about 30-45 minutes to dry, then reuse.

How to make beeswax wraps

Plastic bag problem is vibrating every time and only wise mothers can help this world !!!

Before creating a magic beeswax fabric with EcoHouse by hand, let's learn a little bit about her!

Propolis is an organic product:

Friendly with the environment;

Easy to use;

Sustainable, reusable;


Do not use harmful chemicals;

Can completely replace plastic bags, food wrap and plastic containers;

Save costs many times more than food wrap;

Keep food in the refrigerator always fresh and delicious and easy to bring with you when going to school, going to work, picnic ...

 What is the raw material of beeswax fabric?

Fabric (the lighter the better, 100% cotton)


What is beeswax cloth used for?


Bread, cookies;

Types of snacks;

Vegetables and fruits (cut);



Bowls and dishes;

Bottles, jars;

And anything you think can be wrapped.

But beeswax fabrics cannot be used directly with:

      Fresh meat, chicken and fish;

      Pineapples, oranges, lemons, tangerines, and highly acidic fruits.

(However, it can still be wrapped by putting it in a bowl, dish and then wrapping the beeswax cloth on the top of the bowl).

How to use beeswax fabric?

Use the force and heat of your hands to fold and wrap a bowl around your mouth or directly cover half an apple, bread or any other food you need to wrap.

How to make beeswax wraps

The beeswax fabric can be supple at room temperature and harden on cooling (in the refrigerator), keeping the shapes you create;

When beeswax fabric becomes dirty, wash it with dishwashing liquid, rinse it under cold water and dry in a dry place;

      Do not wash the beeswax fabric with hot water, do not use harsh detergents, do not scrub and scrub;

      Avoid direct heat sources such as dryers, irons, microwave ovens, ovens…;

After using for a long time, renew the beeswax fabric by drying in the sun for 1 hour.

And finally how to create it as simple at home as follows:


Some clean cotton cloths cut to common sizes such as 15x15, 20x20, 30x30cm

100gr pure beeswax

1 large flat clean tray

A little clean lined paper (preferably oil absorbent)

1 iron or microwave

How to do:

Line a layer of paper under the tray and then place the fabric on top

Crush the beeswax to spread 1 evenly over the fabric

Put the beeswax-coated cloth tray in the microwave for 1-2 minutes for the melted beeswax to absorb evenly into the cloth or lay a layer of paper and use the iron to heat the melted beeswax into the cloth.

Leave it to dry and you have your own magic beeswax cloth.

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