What is smart casual: Know to dress properly and dress well

Brandi Britton, chairman of the Board of Directors of OfficeTeam said: "When working clothes tend to be Casual, the principles and rules of the office will not be really clear". In other words, casual outfits can make the company look unprofessional.

What to wear to the office or to interviews is the question of most people who are or just started, especially in a polite working environment. You are wondering, what kind of clothes should I wear when I go to work? If the answer is "YES" then this is the article you can not ignore. In this article, we will share with you the following:

An introduction to workplace attire and what is smart casual. Dressing principles for men and women at work and what is smart casual dress code.

A general introduction to office clothing

Work clothes is the common dress for people working in the office. Usually, it requires professionalism, formalism for the wearer. It can be said, the first factor you need to remember when choosing this outfit is neat and polite.

Complex is considered the most popular traditional clothing that any office worker must have. For women, if you wear a skirt, you need to pay attention to the length of the skirt. Skirts worn when coming to the office must be at least 5cm in length or above the pillow.

Currently, the regulations on office clothes are not really strict. While there are companies that require employees to wear a suit or uniform when working, there are still many businesses that allow employees to dress as they like (free style) to work. And obviously, this leads to controversy about office dress styles.

Therefore, the choice of professional or creative style clothes should also be considered to suit your working environment.

Here are a few rules for choosing office clothes based on dress codes that both men and women must know and what is smart casual dress code.

Dress Code (Dress Code) when working in an office environment

Here is the answer to your question "What to wear today". First, you should learn about the rules, as well as the working environment of your company, before choosing to wear them to work every day.According to Salary.com, about 55% of companies set the rules about how to dress at work and ask employees to do it, so we can see how to dress when working. is a very important issue.

Keywords you need to remember when choosing the clothes to work are "polite" and "professional".

Freely dress

If your company allows you to choose clothes that require seriousness, you should choose a suit; And if your company emphasizes creativity, the way of your employees, you should choose a suit that makes you most confident, as long as it is not too offensive.

And let's list a few principles for working clothes.

Formal Dress - For important meetings and high level meetings

As its name suggests, Formal style emphasizes the solemnity and politeness of the wearer.

This is the principle applied by many famous companies in order to bring a professional and reliable image to their partners.

A characteristic of this rule is to always use trousers, a vest with 2 or 3 buttons, a white shirt and western shoes.

The color of the outfit is also very tightly regulated: Black and white are the main colors, indispensable and almost no other color.

Semi Formal - Good for regular days

Semi in English can be understood as "half". This style brings a polite and professional look to the wearer, but is more comfortable than Formal in choosing costume colors.

Business Casual - Personality when coming to work

Surely no one is unfamiliar with the Casual fashion style. It is chosen by all young people for appointments with friends. So can you bring it into the workplace? If you know how, the answer is "Yes".

Workers can bring a bit of Casual style into the office by choosing eye-catching patterned shirts, matching it with casual pants and shoes. Or girls who love femininity can choose for themselves a lovely dress.This is a very "popular" suggestion for office people because it brings fashion and style to the wearer but does not lose professionalism and attentiveness - an important requirement for office workers.

During cold days, you can also mix your outfit with a scarf with eye-catching motifs to both keep warm and express your creativity.

That is enough for boys and girls who are very young, stylish but equally professional when going to work.

Must wear a uniform

For companies that have uniforms for employees, you do not need to worry too much about choosing clothes, just notice a few points below.

Choose quality shoes: A high-end pair of shoes makes you look more mature, professional, and of course, more reliable in the eyes of the other person. The uniforms can be combined with a few free outfits: This is the same as when you were in school and had to wear a uniform. You can combine a company vest with one of your favorite shirts (shirts should have collars) Say No to jeans, T-shirts: If your company only requires shirts as shirts, you should still pair it with a pair of jeans instead of jeans; Similar to a shirt, if the uniform is a vest then you should not combine it with a T-shirt.

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