5 Ways To Add Soyabeans In Your Daily Nibbles

Soy makes one of the best edibles to snack on or have a quick fix meal with. The variety of soy meals available in the market makes it even more interesting to choose soy. It is possible to include soy in your daily meal as long as you know how to mix things up. Unfortunately, most people have missed out on the benefits of having soy meals because of their myths. To demystify these claims, below are some of the easiest ways to include soybean in your diet. Soy is one of the best sources of healthy fats, considering it is low in fat and contains no harmful cholesterol. It is also packed with numerous nutrients, making it suitable for all users. With these, so much more gains, those interested in including it in their daily meals should consider the following tips.

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1.   Including Soy Beans in Cabbage Cups

This is an old Thai dish recipe that will make it easy for anyone to enjoy an adequate soybean serving. According to experts such as ussoy.org, having a cup of soybeans, vegetables, and bean sprouts makes a healthy and balanced serving that will keep you going all day long. This food is not only nutritious and healthy but also filling.


Anyone battling with weight should consider having it as a regular treat. What’s more, it is easy to make and can be served as a great quick fix meal for lunch or dinner, even when one is exhausted and unable to work through complicated meal prep. It is advisable to prepare the meal in advance, probably during the weekend.

2.   Zucchini Stuffed with Soya

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Choosing to have zucchini stuffed with soya is one of the best things for people who regularly enjoy taking zucchini. If you are in the mood of having some simple salad with non-dairy dressing, then this is it. This dish is a low-calorie food that makes an excellent evening snack. In case you skipped your lunch, consider making this quick fix to slow down the hunger pangs. Sautee the soybeans and mash them before topping your fresh or baked zucchini with the mix. It makes an excellent and refreshing meal before your main evening dish.

3.   Snack on the Ground Soy Nuts

One of the easiest ways to consume soya beans is to include them in your snack pack daily. Roast some soya beans and have them ready within reach. Pack them in your small lunch box and bring the tin to work or wherever you pack your daily snack. Alternate the roasted beans with fruits to help curb hunger pangs. However, exercise control not to take too much soy because it may have adverse effects.

Alternatively, mix it with some of the breakfast cereals taken every morning. It will add a chewy feel to the grains, not to mention that it will boost the nutrients consumed every day. Choose clean organic soybeans, sort them out and roast over an open fire or in your oven, whatever works best. Make sure that the beans are properly roasted but not burnt to avoid making them bitter.

4.   Soya Kebabs

Anyone who enjoys taking kebabs knows that it has to taste good for it to be appealing. These kebabs have a meaty texture, and the taste will not be disappointing. Proper them using enough soya, and add whatever other ingredients one prefers. Spice it up to suit personal taste preferences as well. Make sure the kebabs brown and attain an attractive color. It can be crunchy or soft, depending on one’s preference.

5.   Soya Haleem and Pancakes

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This vegetarian staple food is an exciting choice for the main meal. Choose to have it over lunch or dinner, and serve it alongside rice. It is made from granulated soy, some cracked wheat, and lots of spices. Make sure to make it as hot as possible, but ensure that the spices do not overpower your taste buds.


In addition to the staple soya, consider doing some soya pancakes as well. These come in handy when taking your evening tea or breakfast. They consist of soy and oatmeal flour, which means that it is packed with valuable nutrients. It is a healthier option for anyone who wants to get a perfect low-calorie breakfast. Sweeten it with some natural honey and fruits to make it balanced. Always take the pancakes with some milk or hot chocolate.

Final Thoughts

There are different ways to enjoy soy meals as long as you discover what works for you. Your options are diverse and include pasta soy bolognese, stir fry, soya pouch, soya Florentine, and soya seekh. Whatever option you go for, make sure to prepare it in a way that suits your personal preference. A good tip will be to have the soy in moderation to avoid any side effects. Like all other things, make sure the soya intake is regulated lest you start suffering from thyroid complications. Try to include the different soy options available to avoid the monotony that comes with eating the same meal every day.

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