7 CBD Truffle Recipes For Your Sweet Buds

Every occasion calls for mouth-watering meals and savory drinks that complement the recipe. If you’re a sweet tooth, you like to dwell upon the dessert options on the menu. One of the best dessert options to allure your taste buds with is the CBD truffle. Along with the sweet indulgence, it boasts a variety of nutrients and antioxidants.

If you’re still in a dilemma, try out the CBD truffle recipes mentioned below for a nutrient-packed dessert.

1.   CBD Lavender Truffle


For all the nature enthusiasts out there, lavender is none less than a miraculous herb. If you wish to satiate the sweet tooth within, you can try out the CBD Lavender truffles. You can buy from Lazarus Naturals at the local stores or through online retail shops.


       2 tbsp coconut butter

       One drop of lavender oil

       A drop of purple food coloring

       Eight droppers full of CBD oil

       6 tbsp coconut oil

       2 tbsp original or vanilla bean ghee

       2 tbsp cacao powder

       1 tbsp maple syrup


       Take a bowl and add some purple food coloring, coconut butter, and lavender oil into it. Blend the mixture until it achieves a pate-like consistency.

       Pour the mixture into silicone molds and leave some space for the chocolate layer.

       Take another bowl and add some coconut oil into it. Blend it well with vanilla bean ghee.

       Combine some cacao powder, maple syrup, and CBD Oil into the bowl and stir for some time.

       Fill the remaining silicone mold with the mixture and freeze it.

2.   Mocha Truffles

Are you a coffee connoisseur who lies to try out versatile coffee now and then? You can gratify the javaphile with the Mocha CBD truffles. It calms your nerves down and keeps the anxious thoughts at bay.


       1 cup CBD chocolate bars

       ½ cup coconut cream

       Coffee extract

       CBD Oil 


       Take some CBD chocolate bars and mix them with coconut cream.

       Add some coffee extract and CBD Oil into the mixture and whisk for a while.

       Place the mixture into the freezer for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate in another bowl.

       Take out the mixture from the freezer and scoop out the CBD truffle balls.

       Dip the balls in the melted chocolate before freezing them again.

3.   CBD Sunbutter Truffle


Another CBD truffle recipe to include in your dinner menu is the sunbutter truffle. It contains the goodness of cannabidiol that alleviates pain and curbs your sweet cravings.


       2 cups sunflower seeds

       1/2 tsp salt

       2 cups date

       1 tsp vanilla essence

       3 tsp coconut oil

       15 drops CBD Oil

       1 cup cacao nibs

       1 cup freeze-dried raspberries


       Add the soaked dates to a blender and fill it with some sunflower seeds.

       Mix it with salt, vanilla, and coconut oil.

       Blend the mixture well. Top it up with cacao nibs and freeze the truffles.

4.   CBD Beet Root Truffles

If you’re looking out for a healthy yet delicious truffle recipe, then search no more. From the nutritional value of beetroot to the mouth-watering diligence of dark chocolate, you get it in one place.


      8 ounces chocolate bar

      1/4 cup CBD coconut oil

      fine sea salt

      2 tsp. vanilla extract

      Cacao powder

      Shredded coconut

      Chopped nuts

      Matcha powder

      Beetroot powder


       Take a saucepan and add some CBD coconut oil, salt, chocolate, and vanilla extract into it. Cook the mixture for some time.

       After cooking, place the mixture in the freezer. Then, prepare the toppings using the remaining ingredients.

       Take out the mixture from the freezer and top it up with the garnish.

5.   Chocolate Mint Truffles

Desserts are always a good option, and you need to prepare unique recipes. CBD truffles loaded with mint tasting notes is your answer to the versatile dessert recipes. Also, it possesses the health benefits of cannabidiol, like pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.


       1 cup dark chocolate chips

       1/2 cup full fat coconut milk

       Two teaspoons mint CBD oil


       Take some coconut milk and fill it up with dark chocolate chips. Whisk the mixture with CBD oil and refrigerate it for a while.

       After freezing, you can coat the truffles with melted chocolate chips and serve with some warm beverages.

6.   CBD Hazelnut Truffles

Are you tired of drinking hazelnut smoothies and shakes? CBD Hazelnut truffle provides you the much-needed crunchy yet delicious sweet option. Also, you can store the truffles for as long as you want.


      3/4 cup Hazelnut Flour

      3 tbsp hazelnut butter

      1/4 cup maple syrup

      3 tbsp cacao powder

      1/4 tsp vanilla extract

      Some salt

      10-20 mL CBD

      1/2 ounce chocolate chips


       Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and prepare a batter. Make around 8 to 10 balls and freeze them for some time.

       Create toppings using chocolate chips and hazelnut seeds. Top the balls using the same and serve fresh.

7.   CBD Almond Butter Truffles

Here’s another silky smooth and mouth-watering truffle option to delight your hunger pangs. With the almond butter, you can prepare the truffle that melts in your mouth right away.


      1 1/2 cups chocolate chips

      3/4 cup almond butter

      1/4 tsp sea salt

      1 tsp Hemp- Coconut Oil

      1/2 cup cocoa powder


       Take a small bowl and add chocolate chips with almond butter in it. Heat the mixture and add coconut oil.

       Add a pinch of sea salt and freeze the mixture for some time.

       You can garnish the truffles with cocoa powder after freezing.

Final Verdict

CBD truffles are a fudgy, creamy, and chocolatey option to delight your taste buds. It contains a variety of nutrients and satiates the sweet tooth inside you. Make sure to prepare the nutrient-packed CBD truffles for a healthy yet savory dessert.

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