7 Reasons Why Rolex is Still Luxury Wristwatch the Best Choice


You cannot complete a list of luxury watches without mentioning Rolex. For many years, this company is known to be one of the most prestigious and desirable wristwatches in the world. Before moving its office in Switzerland, Rolex first opened its doors in London in 1905. Through the years, this brand has established a trusted name in watchmaking.

However, as years passed, more and more luxury watch brands are introduced in the market. Many fashion lines are expanding their businesses and produce their collection of Swiss-made watches. Despite this, Rolex continued to be one of the best among all of them. In this article, we will look tackle why Rolex is still the best choice for a luxury watch.

Revolutionized Swiss watchmaking

As an innovative company, Rolex has set the standard for high-quality watches around the world. Its value surpasses the expectation of every individual who is lucky enough to afford these watches. Through the years, Rolex has grown in manufacturing high-quality watches known for its utmost precision. If you talk about a Swiss watch, Rolex is always the first brand that comes to mind. It has become an essential luxury item for prominent people.

Made out of the finest materials

The company always makes sure to produce watches made with precious metals and materials. Over the years, they have recorded more than 500 patents under their roof. Rolex watchmakers make sure that every piece of their product goes through a rigorous check to test its durability. Every item released to the market is carefully crafted to perfection.

Many luxury watches today will claim that their products are engineered to perfection. However, only a few have been in the market for more than a century and have continued to produce the same, if not higher, quality watches than they first opened. Rolex has proven itself to innovate with the changing trends in technology. This makes it easier for them to penetrate the current market despite the changes in their needs.

Aesthetic appeal for all ages

Many articles will tell you that every luxury watch brand has a character or personality. For Rolex, it has owned the word “elegance” for many years. It is the type of watch that you can wear on all types of occasions. The classic and simple Rolex signature design makes it more appealing to everyone’s eyes. From their collection of watches with Italian leather straps to the full-metal timepieces, Rolex has established an iconic aesthetic appeal.

Eccentric details

If there’s one thing that impresses most watch collectors about Rolex, it is their attention to detail. Even the smallest piece of material embedded on their watch has a role in its overall functionality and appearance. Each timepiece in their collection has a well-thought combination of dials, bezels, crown guards, and stones, which make each piece a unique item. The company makes sure that every piece of item added to each watch will contribute to its longevity.

Highly durable and reliable

If your watch is made with high-quality materials and built to perfection for centuries, it goes without saying that it is highly durable. Aside from its physical strength, the Rolex mechanism is made with special lubricants to make sure that its movement will carry accurate precision. Which means that it can survive when exposed to extreme weather and climate.

Every Rolex watch is proven to withstand decades as it passes along from generation to generation. Rolex as a family heirloom is not only something that you watch in the movies. Many families around the world are passing along this sophisticated timepiece to the children of their children. It has become a witness to the many stories of many families.

The value appreciates over time

Because of their quality and durability, Rolex watches are considered a great investment. For many years, it is recorded to have increased its value in the market, even for resold items. Since its value continues to appreciate, watch aficionados see it as an opportunity for high investment returns. If you want to add a luxury watch to your collection that will help you gain more profit in the future, Rolex is the one for you.

Credible status symbol

Rolex is worn by the rich and the famous. These prominent people have trusted the watch company for many years, which makes them patronize the item even more. From country leaders to businessmen, Rolex has made its way to its collection of prized luxury items. Wearing these watches will make you on par with these credible personalities.

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