Why Educating a girl is important?


The country of Australia has seen a steady rise in education among women in the 21st century. With many groups and services aimed at helping women complete their education and various grants and girls scholarships targeted at achieving just that, men are no longer the front runners of education. A 2015 analysis showed that among people aged 20 to 24, 90.1% of women had completed a formal qualification compared to 86% of men.

Consecutively, in 2015, 40% of women had a bachelor’s degree compared to 30 % of men. Both numbers have been steadily increasing since.

Australian universities in 2016 had 58 % of domestic students as women. Women had a major in health and medicine, financial and managerial positions, and cultural studies.

Importance of Women’s Education in the Modern Society

1. Improved Standard of Living: Families with double wages have improved standards of living and lifestyles.

2. Reducing Crime Against Women: Educating women can eliminate harassment and abuse against women and help voice such issues swiftly to the governing bodies. Educated women usually stand up against any injustice towards other women and are instrumental in reducing such crimes.

3. Increased Purchasing Power and Per Capita Income of A Community: Educated women earn just as much as men, which puts additional income into a society. The more the income, the more the family's purchasing power, and they will spend more on goods and services. It increases the per capita income of the community and increases the average income of the country.

4.  Independence: Women no longer have to rely on their families or male counterparts to sustain the needs of primary living conditions. Educated women work for a living, making them self-reliant. It helps them live the independent life they deserve.

5. Improved Access to Healthcare: Educated women have more knowledge about the various health benefits and healthy practices. Hence, they take advantage of the services and help people around them to do the same, thereby raising awareness. It helps improve the overall health and longevity of women and families in general.

6. Advancement Of Gender Rights: Educated women in society support the fight against gender discrimination and promote gender equality. Educated women can act as role models for younger girls and promote generational success. They will unite and take a stand against patriarchy.

Ways To Promote Education for Women:

·   Seminars and classes on gender equality in the form of workshops in colleges and schools can help address women's issues in education.

· Scholarships and grants aimed at promoting women’s education like girls scholarships can bring more girls into higher education courses.

·   Giving more visibility to groups and agencies focusing on gender equality and gender discrimination will help their message reach a wider audience.

Education provides strength and courage for women to pursue their dreams, goals, and ambitions. It can act as a weapon for women experiencing harassment and discrimination and as a tool to voice such issues. With various advantages, such as improved living conditions and economic growth, the country must prioritize women's education. Women deserve the same quality of life as men do, and the first step towards achieving that is giving them the same educational resources and advantages as men.

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