10 Must-Have Apps for Remote Workers

Working remotely has some pros and cons. If you appreciate staying at home and working from your cozy space, it may be an ideal situation for you.

Yet, all the work must be done and you need to track the progress in your team or do everyday tasks easily. To help you organize time and work or many other options, we have prepared a list of apps that every remote worker should use.

1. Yammer

Yammer could be described as a business social network that is made to stay in touch with your team and share information. Initially, it is used to communicate and share an opinion on every level of the company. What is more, you can use it for individual communication, too. Messaging can be in private or public and you can comment on previous posts. Also, you can check analytics to see your work and access.

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is made to stay connected with your team and have constant communication. It is specialized in group chats, but you can also call individuals and use video conferences. The best part about it is that you can connect all contacts easily and that it is very easy and intuitive to use. It can also sync with all your devices and provides you with all conversations you have had before. What is more, you can leave voice messages if you want.

3. Trello

This app is made to improve collaboration for remote workers and help you reach team goals. It is widely used as a project management tool and is very efficient with to-do lists. Also, you can easily mark the status of a project or task and easily track the progress and tasks of anyone from your team.

4. WorkflowMax

This app is also made to manage bigger projects and help you track all jobs that need to be done. All tasks are completely visible from begging to end and you can track progress or change the due date. You can also tick completed tasks and write comments on previous work. What is more, it syncs with all devices so you will always have access to most fresh information. It is very good with time management and distance reports.

5. Toggl

Google is a very helpful app with time management that shows you how much time you spend on some task. Initially, it was made to help freelancers see how much time they invest and are they paid enough for their work. It will also boost productivity in the team because you can track the amount of time for each task and show your peers how to work faster.

6. Slack

Slack is another messaging platform that helps you to communicate in real-time with your colleagues and send messages to your whole team or individually. You can also form a group chat or share important documents and keep them organized in one place. What is more, you can track the status of a task and see what is remaining to do for each user. What is more, it allows you to share your screen with others and make video calls.

7. Spark

Spark is a very useful app if you use more email accounts and need to organize them by priority. It has a smart first page that will show you only important emails. You can snooze some for later or mark them as unimportant. Among many other possibilities, you can schedule emails to send them when it is most likely for people to read them or set a reminder to send or read the desired email. It is completely free for individual use or a smaller team, but it is a good investment for bigger teams where you don’t have to bother with emails anymore.

8. Zoom

Zoom is another communication app where you primarily communicate using video calls for individuals or groups. It also allows you to chat with the whole group or just one person and have a specific folder for shared files. It allows you to share your screen with viewers and control your status. The only problem you may have in the free version is that it has limited time for meetings and you need to call it again after it is interrupted. It allows you to host webinars and have voice calls if you won't use the camera.

9. Google Drive

Google Drive is an amazing tool that allows you to create or share documents with your team. There you can create private or shared folders with important documents or shared content. Also, you can keep all the important documents in one place and organize them easily. What is more, you can manage them to be visible to others, but so they can't edit them. It is a cloud app which means that all your devices will be synced in real-time. It is ideal for real-time collaboration on some documents. It can even keep your scanned documents so you should use a professional scanner.

10. Calendar

With this simple name, this app combines all your calendars into one place. You don’t have to check for events on more calendars since it is synced with all of them in real-time. Also, it doesn’t matter if you create an event in some of the apps or the Calendar – they will automatically be synced. You can also check analytics to improve time management or productivity and help get the transcription of every meeting you hold.

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