How to come up with the right strategy to become successful like Gojek and Grab?


Right from physics to James Bond gadgets, the world has always been focusing on the concept of convergence. There has always been a continuous endeavor to bring together multiple utilities into a single entity. A mobile phone is a good example of that direction of progress. Today, the camera, the video player, the video recorder, the voice recorder, the music player, the word processor, the communicator, the assistant, and of course, the telephone have effectively been replaced by a single handheld device.

If we extend the same notion to the world of mobile applications, super apps would be an appropriate representation of this progress. As the name implies, the super app is the Swiss Army knife of mobile applications. They offer multiple utilities within a single app.

Super apps provide multiple on-demand services like ride-hailing, food delivery, service professionals booking, grocery delivery, etc.

Why go for Super apps?

Developing Super applications present quite a lot of advantages for both the user and the business owner.

The most obvious advantage for the user is that they will not need to download multiple apps that provide multiple utilities. With a single app, they can be assured that they get all that they need. The advantage does not stop here. It also would mean that they will not have to provide their payment information to multiple apps which might be a bit of a compromise on security. They will also not need to remember their login information or entrust their legacy credentials to multiple third-party apps.

Needless to say, a super app also saves a considerable amount of disk space. It makes it easy for the user to maintain a record/history of all the transactions across multiple streams of services. Incorporating artificial intelligence into the app can even give smart suggestions on activities like a grocery order and food delivery.

It is a completely different ballgame for businesses altogether. It cannot be denied that almost every business struggles with onboarding/acquiring the first set of users. However, with a super app, you start with a set of already existing users. This saves a huge chunk when it comes to marketing and promotion costs. We cannot limit our perspective to just acquiring users. We also need to take into consideration that a brand has already been built for the service.

It also diversifies the prospects of revenue. It was felt during the COVID-19 crisis. When the world had to go through a lockdown, transportation services were not used by anyone. This meant that services like Uber and Ola had to suffer irreplaceable losses. However, super apps have rightly balanced the situation by offering grocery and food delivery services at the same time when transportation was at an all-time low. It coincided with the change of consumption patterns of grocery and food. People were no longer intent on going to supermarkets and restaurants, and this translated into higher revenue for these stupid apps through these specific segments of services.

The services provided

When we say “super apps,” it encompasses a wide range of services and is theoretically unlimited. However, for an app to transition to that space, a few services are typically provided. It is to be noted that even some of the most popular super apps might not provide the services listed here.

Transportation: Most super apps provide transportation either by car or by bike taxis. Some of them even provide specialized transportation services like corporate carpooling, shuttling, and self-driven vehicles for rent.

Delivery: Delivery is an essential offshoot of transportation. Instead of transporting people, you transport some goods/packets from one place to another. They could either be food from restaurants or grocery items or medicines or even packages from one location to another within a specific geographic limit.

Services at home: The services at home include beauty/cosmetic services, massage services, handyman services, pet care services, and even fuel delivery at home. The GPS is the epicenter of the on-demand revolution and while every other segment of service can make use of this innovation, it is only right and expected that even these services can be offered within the same super app.

Events and ticketing: While this might be a bit odd, it helps in channelizing the payment options provided in the super app and it also massively helps in profiling users based on events of interest.

Financial services: the services can include micro-financing and instant loans. With the rich data that super apps have, and with the possibility of recovering loans and even disabling/blacklisting users for certain services, it becomes easy and convenient for super apps to provide small financial services for both individuals and small businesses.

How to build a super app?

Launching an app requires much time and effort both in terms of strategizing and development. In order to come up with the app idea, features set and business model, now you would have wanted to try out the concept of super applications. For developing the app, you can either go with the development from scratch or try a ready-made app solution. Considering the time and money spent, developing the app from scratch requires a huge amount of your time and a lot of money. However, with ready-made app solutions, you can instantly launch the app for an affordable price. Here’s the workflow of steps you need to go through in order to launch the app successfully,

     Try and come out with an app idea

     Figure out the existing competitors for the idea

     Take a complete list of features you want to integrate into your app

     Go for the mockup designs for the app

     Checkin with your designer and do the basic graphic design for the app

     Take up an initial marketing plan for the app

     Develop the app from any of the above two options

     Complete the app and submit it to the Play Store and AppStore

     Create unique ideas to market the app online and offline

     Get feedback from the users and do improvements to the app


Considering the growing acceptance of super apps in all corners of the world now would be a perfect time for an entrepreneur to launch an on-demand super app. However, it might be cumbersome to build the app from scratch. Alternatively, you can go for a GoJek clone script. A white-label GoJek clone is easy to customize and can be altered to bear the features of your choice. All that is left for you to do is get in touch with the company that specializes in white label super apps. They will understand your requirement and present you with a perfect app, so you can launch your business in the shortest possible time.

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