You distinguish as spiritual. You realize that you are energy, encapsulated. You are connected to the deeper stuff of life. You have no interest in exploding your ego, and you regularly feel a major ''yuck'' of dissonance when you witness others basing their self-identity (and sometimes self-worth) on their physical structure or physical appearance.

I get that. In any case, would you say you are taking care of your fitness and physical health, or would you say you are spiritually bypassing it because you figure you are spirit-driven, and focusing attention on your fitness and physical health is not so significant? Or, on the other hand, perhaps you feel that this focus will somehow make you ego-recognized? Here, the encouragement to exercise routinely and take care of your fitness has nothing to do with losing weight, being a specific size or shape, finding a way into some societally-affirmed model or structure. Here, we are carrying awareness to the body's health, regardless of its appearance:

Here, we are focusing on using the blessing we are given to live in a body to add to our spiritual experience as per the spiritual consultations.

Suppose you are trying not to take care of your fitness (the state of being fit and physically well) or exclude exercise as a standard piece of your life. In that case, you are missing a significant connection in your capacity to access your spiritual dimension completely, live joyfully, and offer your best to the world. Why?

Here are my main three reasons why:

Fitness is fundamental for the spiritual life:

1. Exercise helps to digest all undigested material, including zestful material.

At the point when we exercise, we support our human system. We are not just moving, strengthening, molding, and stretching our muscles. We are also affecting our organs, adding to the health of our heart, our lungs, our digestive system, etc. Through producing heat in the body, we start to utilize significantly more than just our food. We begin to use all undigested material inside us, be it physical, emotional, or energy.


When we exercise, we permit ourselves to digest energy: keeping what is useful as spiritual nourishment and removing all that no longer serves us. In this manner, we make a room inside us for that which is required for our development and rise, AND we add to the general state of our spiritual health.

2. Movement allows for the progression of energy.

We know about the association between our brain, body, and spirit. So regularly, we hear that exercise is useful for our emotional well-being (and it is!) Training kicks up endorphins, helps focus and clear the psyche, and leaves us feeling tired yet equipped to take life on. However, what might be said about exercise is useful for our spiritual health? (get more spiritual consultation here).

Moving the body is not just about moving ONE item in space. It is tied in with moving all the millions of cells inside us and moving all the energy inside and around and past those cells. The movement of the physical body creates movement in the fiery body because they are not disconnected. Movement of the physical body allows for shifts in the subtle body to be enacted. This stream within the subtle organ allows for the release of stagnant fiery content, provides the vitality of the dynamic casing and the space required for higher repetition energy, as it attracts people as they do in the world of energy.

3. The more lined up with the natural state you are, the more you will get from the ether.

When we clear our physical body through routine exercise (and clean sustenance and sufficient hydration), the vessel through which our spirit is expressed and can play and extend, the greater chance we make for an arrangement with the higher-request. When our body feels clear and healthy, it is an excellent host or home for our spirit to live in. In this high vibrational space of arrangement and attunement, we have the chance to get more direction from the Great Spirit, tap all the more precisely and productively into our instinct, and feel more at ease and regarding others.

When we take care of our physical structure from a loving, peaceful, joyful spot, we tap into our essential nature past format: the truth of what our identity is - which is love, harmony, and euphoria. So on the off chance that you need to have deeper, higher access to your spiritual life and take care of your spirit's health, it is essential to partake in your fitness. The two are deeply entwined, and our responsibility to maintain as spiritual residents in our physical home: our delightful bodies.

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