6 Smoothies For Summer Workout

Fitness revolves around the kind of diet you consume and the intensity of your workout routine. For all the people who wish to gain a muscular physique, diet plays a crucial role. Your muscle cells require high levels of proteins and other essential nutrients to grow and replicate. With the workout-special smoothies, you can beat the heat and achieve your dream physique simultaneously. All you need is fresh fruits and some ingredients to enhance the tasting notes of your drink.

Here are the top smoothie recipes that are both easy and beneficial for your summer workout regime.

1.   Strawberry Banana Punch


Are you fond of the fruity essence coupled up with the creamy indulgence in the drinks? If yes, then you can use the fresh bananas and strawberries to prepare a savory smoothie. It contains high levels of vitamins, antioxidants, and potassium to increase muscle development.


      1-ounce almond milk

      One frozen banana

      ¾ ounces strawberries

      3-4  ice cubes

      protein powder

      1 Tbsp. vanilla extract

      1 Tbsp. honey

      Some flax seeds

      Some chia seeds

      ½ Tbsp. cinnamon

How To Prepare?

       Take the almond milk, bananas, and strawberry pieces in a blender. Mix the ingredients well.

       Further, add the seeds and blend the mixture again. Make sure to stop when it turns creamy.

       In the end, add the remaining ingredients and blend for the last time. Serve the drink after a strenuous workout session.

2.   Peanut Butter & Banana Punch

Most gym junkies get tired of munching on the bananas loaded with peanut butter. But, you can add more taste and appeal to your post-workout snack by transforming it into a smoothie. It comes packed with a high-protein content and other minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron. Also, you can pair up a healthy diet with some sarms Canada for maximum muscle gains.


      Two bananas, cut into pieces

      2 ounces milk

      ½ ounce peanut butter

      2 Tbsp. honey

      2 cups ice cubes

How To Prepare?

       Add the milk and banana pieces into the blender. Blend the contents for a few seconds before adding the honey.

       Mix the contents of the blender and add the peanut butter. Further, blend it again before serving the smoothie with ice cubes.

3.   Oatmeal & Berry Indulgence


There’s no doubt that oatmeal makes the best breakfast option for all fitness enthusiasts. You can switch the oatmeal bowl with a smoothie containing fresh strawberries and an attractive aroma. Also, soy milk adds more taste and nutrients to your smoothie.


      1-ounce soy milk

      ½ ounce oats

      One banana, cut into pieces

      10-12 chilled strawberries

      ½ Tbsp.  vanilla extract

      1 ½ Tbsp. honey

How To Prepare?

       Add the soy milk and oats into the blender and blend them well. Further, mix the bananas and strawberries in it.

       Blend the mixture before adding the vanilla extract. Then, stir the contents for some time.

       In the end, add the honey according to your preferences and give it a final blend.

4.   Kale & Coconut Delight

A bright green and refreshing smoothie is all you need to kickstart the workout. With healthy ingredients like kale and coconut, the smoothie adds more protein to your body. Along with this, it possesses a high level of nutrients like iron, potassium, and inflammation-fighting antioxidants.


      1 banana

      1-ounce frozen mango pieces

      Two kale leaves

      3 Tbsp. white beans

      2 Tbsp. coconut

      ½ Tbsp. green tea powder

      1-ounce water

How To Prepare?

       Add the water and frozen mango pieces to the blender. Further, add the banana pieces and blend the mixture well.

       Put in some kale leaves and white beans to add creamy consistency. Then, add some coconut pieces to bring in the crunchy essence.

       In the end, add the green tea powder and give it a final blend.

5.   Apple Flax Smoothie


Smoothies are quick to make and provide your body with much-needed nutrients. You can create a delicious and nutrient-packed smoothie using apples and flax seeds. Not to forget, it provides you with iron, protein, as well as fiber to digest the meals.


      Two chilled apples, cut into pieces

      ⅓ ounce milk

      ¼ ounce orange juice

      ¼ frozen banana

      2 Tbsp. protein powder

      1 Tbsp. flax seeds

      One ice cube

How To Prepare?

       Put the milk, apple slices, and orange juice in the blender. Blend the mixture for 30 seconds.

       In the end, add the remaining ingredients and blend them for the last time.

6.   Blueberry Tangy Essence

Workout nutrition must be enjoyable as well as healthy for proper muscle development. You can create a mouth-watering smoothie containing blueberries for your post-workout blues. Also, it has many antioxidants like phytoflavinoids, potassium, and vitamin C nutrients.


      One banana

      16 whole almonds

      ¼ ounce rolled oats

      1 Tbsp. flaxseed

      1 ounce frozen blueberries

      1-ounce yogurt

      ¼ cup grape juice


How To Prepare?

       Add the buttermilk, blueberries, and other fruits to the blender. Turn the blender on for around 30 seconds.

       Pour in the grape juice and rolled oats and blend until it achieves a creamy consistency.

       Add the remaining ingredients before blending and serving.

Bottom Line

Workout enthusiasts wish to achieve the perfect physique as early as possible. But, you need to couple up your intense workout regime with a nutritional diet. With the fruit-packed smoothies, you can create the perfect post-workout drink for your summer fitness. Some smoothies to try are peanut butter & banana, blueberry punch, as well as apple flax drinks. Not only will it improve the nutritional reservoir of your body, but it also acts as the primary source of energy after strenuous physical activity.

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