How To Prepare Yourself For Drug Testing?

Being asked to take a drug test is not as uncommon as you may think. Some employers like to use drug tests before hiring a candidate, test employees who are not performing well, or find out who uses illicit drugs.

Passing the drug test should be your top priority if you hope to keep your job. Here, you will learn about everything you need to know about preparing for a drug test.

The steps required to prepare for a drug test

Stop using drugs

It sounds obvious, but it is the most challenging step of all. Whether you have been taking drugs for years or you have touched drugs only once, a drug test will detect the illicit substance in your body. If you know that you don’t have the strength to do it yourself, consider joining a local support group or an online community to help you stay away from this dangerous habit.

Give yourself a test

Once you stop taking drugs, take a home detection test to check if the test can detect the drugs' residue in your system. This is useful if you have been warned about drug testing at least a week in advance. You can find several pharmacies that sell at-home drug kits. The best way to detect any drug residue is by testing it on the morning's first urine, as it is the most concentrated.

Do your research

Unless it's a random test where you have no time to prepare, it's essential to ask questions regarding the test to conduct your research. There are different drug tests, and sometimes you may be allowed to choose the one you prefer. If this is the case, conducting research will help you determine which drug test you are more likely to pass.

Generally, you won't be given a choice for the test. You can give your employer a blood sample, a hair follicle test, or provide a urine sample. Blood sample tests would be the most accurate if you took drugs in the last couple of hours. However, if you are a chain smoker, your test can result positive even after several days of taking the drugs. Blood tests are usually administered at the scene of an accident to check for any illicit drugs, and it's unlikely to be used for a work-related drug test.

The urine test is the most commonly known drug test. To provide a urine test, you will be asked to remove anything in your pockets, and you might also be asked to remove your outer clothing. For this reason, it's best to bring as few things as possible into the drug test room but don’t forget your identification card. The room will be monitored, or else there will be an officer who will accompany you. However, the toilet is a private space where you can have some privacy.

Hair follicle tests can detect drugs in your system for the last 90 days. On the other hand, if you have only used drugs for the first time in the last five to 10 days, the test may not detect the illicit substance in your system.

Clean your system

Excuses won't help much if your test comes out positive. Instead of relying on them, it's best to prepare your system so you can pass the test. Water is your greatest ally during this journey. You should drink as much water as you can to flush out your system. Taking vitamin B doses can help dilute the color of your urine. This helps turn your urine into a more yellow color, but remember not to take vitamin B if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you hope to flush out your system faster, consider taking a diuretic to encourage you to urinate more often. Examples of diuretics include cranberry juice, coffee, and teas such as English breakfast tea and green tea.

Get moving

Incorporating an exercise routine ahead of the drug test can also be helpful. A thirty-minute to an hour workout can increase your metabolic rate and encourage the body to burn certain substances such as THC out of the system more quickly. If the drug test is in less than 48 hours, then you should do the opposite. Avoid exercising in this case so the body can reabsorb the THC in your system.

If the test is in less than two days, your best option is to eat as much junk food as you can. The fat in junk food can slow down your metabolism. As a result, the drugs in your system will take longer to get processed by the liver and go into your urine. This could help you pass the test.

It's clear that with drug tests, time is not always your best ally. Even if you took drugs a while ago, a drug test might still detect illicit substances. If this is the case, owning up to your drug use is your best bet of looking professional in a less than ideal situation.

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