7 Side effects that you can face after liposuction


Liposuction is simple process of taking the unnecessary fat out of your body and you can use this procedure on any part of your body. This process was started in 1980s but it had been widely adopted by many people in America and now it is gaining popularity in the developing nations as well. You can get this treatment at the cost of $3000 to $5000 varying from patient to patient and surgeon to surgeon. Many people think of it as a shortcut to get their desired body but there are some side effects that they should see before stepping into this surgery. 

Body deformity

If you did not choose the right person to do your liposuction surgery then you can put yourself in great danger. It is because of the fact that they did not check your skin and your skin was not elastic enough to bear this stretching. When the surgeon takes out your body fat then it creates a difference between your body and your skin. That difference is to be maintained by proper diet. Doctor gives you a badge to wear that would try to make your skin attached to your muscle quickly and close that opened up space. That is why you must select and qualified surgeon for this.

Accumulation of fluids

This happens in very rare cases that your body start to gather fluid in the part where the surgery have been done or the fat had been removed. For such purpose you can make sure that you are following the doctor’s instructions. And if you are stuck in such cases, then you can get the fluids out by needles. This side effect is not much to worry about as it has a simple healing remedy.

Skin infection and inflammation

The person after the surgery can get some skin bruises and it can also make the skin swell for few weeks. This can be painful for some patients and you have to bear this pain for few weeks. This is a very common side effect and considered normal in this type of liposuction surgery. Some skin infections can be life threatening as well. You need to consult your doctor immediately if you get stuck in such condition.

Puncher of internal organ

The needle that is put in the body to extract the fat can sometime penetrate the internal organs as well and damaging them to a stage where the surgeon would have to operate the internal organ and close the internal bleeding. This happens in very rare cases but it could be life threating. That is why you need to select your surgeon wisely and it is recommended that you review few of their existing patients and make sure that they are qualified for this job. You are risking your life if your surgeon is not qualified for his job.

Fat Obstructing Arteries

This condition is also very rare but you need to consider it because this could happen to you as well. There are chances that a small piece of fat get away from the needle and go to the blood vessel traveling to heart or to the brain can cause severe emergency and can put your life in danger. Unqualified surgeon can put you in such emergency as well.

Kidney heart and lung problems

By changing the levels of fluid in your body you can damage your lungs or kidney and your heart would take time adjusting to new blood flow need of the body. That is why this could also be a side effect that would affect you after the liposuction surgery. That is why you need to make sure that you follow a good diet and healthy lifestyle as prescribed by the doctor to make sure that you do not hurt yourself.

Lidocane toxicity

This happens in very rare cases, this is very uncommon but this could be a case for you. You will be given anesthetic to relief the pain from the producer but sometime it can become toxic and cause some sever damage to your blood flow and your system, causing emergency during the operation. You need to consider all these side effects and make sure you get a good and qualified surgeon.

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