How to Make Sure Your Kids are Learning Even During Covid

It’s been a year. We have all been impacted by Covid in some way or another, but kids have had some major challenges thrown their way during this time.

As of March, many kids have not been allowed back into school and have had to completely re-adjust to the way they learn.

It is so important for kids to not miss out on those important years of learning. Even a few months of inconsistent learning can set them back years!

So, what are parents to do when Covid rages on and our kids are still not able to learn the traditional way in physical schools?

Not to worry, as we have rounded up a ton of tips to help you keep your kids learning even during Covid, and have a bit of fun doing so along the way!

  1. Get a tutor

One of the best parts of sending your kid to school was that they would be able to get personalized interaction with their teacher and often be able to ask for one-on-one help if they had trouble understanding anything. But now, kids are learning online for school and there are a range of reasons why your kid may no longer be speaking up in class to get the help they need. This is where organizing additional online learning through a personal tutor can help tremendously. You can arrange for the tutor to do one-on-one sessions with your kid online and ensure that they don’t fall behind in school while equally getting the extra attention they need.

  1. Connect with other kids in the area

Just like your kid, it is likely that many others will be in the exact same position when it comes to school and trying to learn during Covid. One of the most beneficial aspects of going to school is that kids learn a range of social behaviors and how to work with others. Work with your community to find clever ways to get kids to work together and form study groups in a safe bubble.

  1. Learn in nature

Just because kids can’t learn in a classroom right now doesn’t mean that you can’t switch up their learning environment from home. In fact, many studies show that switching up your study environment is conducive to development and retaining new information. So, get the kids out of the house and go for a study picnic in a nearby park. Or head to the beach and do a math lesson with the seashells. It makes learning fun and equally creates memorable moments for you as a family.

  1. Create an inspiring space at home

Just as your kid would have in class, create a learning area at home that they look forward to going to. This means you can create a personalized desk with all their school supplies, a cubby to keep all their books and binders in and little desk decorations to make it feel special. When your kid enjoys the space they learn in, they will enjoy learning at home more—it really comes down to the details on this one!

  1. Ensure there are study breaks

One of the hardest parts at doing everything at home is that we tend to forget to give ourselves breaks. So create a learning routine for your kid that includes regular breaks and snack time. That way, they still receive similar structure and will be best prepared for how the day will run.

Covid has made it challenging for kids to learn, but it is a challenge that you can certainly overcome with these learning at home tips!

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