5 Key Instagram Metrics That Social Media Marketers Must Not Overlook


Instagram is a famous platform with over one billion active users every month, and nearly 550 million users use stories on Instagram daily.

Over 85% of users on Instagram follow at least a brand on the platform. Above 65% of Instagram users say that they are on the platform to discover their products. Instagram marketers concluded that they are spending more than ten billion dollars every year on Instagram ads.

Everyone takes Instagram as one of their social media marketing channels as it produces the best results. But how will you understand that you are correctly using the platform? How will you find out that you are meeting clear goals?

You want to monitor Instagram analytics to get a solution for this. Here are the best five metrics on Instagram that every social media marketer should track.

Instagram Analytics

It is nothing but your account and the post's overall performance. It helps you to monitor every stat and get patterns. For instance, the follower count that you have is a metric, while the growth rate of your follower is an Instagram analytic.

Monitoring Instagram analytics is the best way to find out successes and failures on your post and account. By analyzing them, you could develop your marketing strategy and campaigns on social media.

Instagram Best Metrics To Track

To develop your campaign's overall strategy, you want to know Instagram analytics to get what's working and not.

Where will you start when there is vast data available. The metric calculation could be based on your objectives. Every metric on Instagram has a unique effect on the marketing strategy. Here are the top five metrics to catch on to.

Growth Of Your Followers On Instagram

Your Instagram follower count is a clean metric, but it is a crucial thing. The follower count you have acquired affects your Instagram account's overall performance in multiple ways.

Do you need to improve your post reach? You could reach many people if you have vast followers. And also, you can get more website clicks and engagements if you have extensive users on Instagram following you.

To analyze your Instagram account health, the growth rate of your followers is a perfect way. You can find out how fast your fan base is promptly growing.

Demographics Of Your Audience On Instagram

It is a super feel to get how you are gaining more fans, but you could also want to grasp who your fans are.

You want to know your audience well to make your Instagram strategy more successful. A keen understanding of your target audience demographics helps you to craft content.

For instance, if you are the store owner of a brand and want to target the audience who are above 65+ age, then you should analyze and work with the audience demographic on Instagram.

Insights of Instagram provide some valuable points on audience composition. You could get your fan's age, gender, location, etc. Many online tools are providing more in-depth information on your required things.

Your Website Clicks On Instagram

It is precisely how many users clicked on the landing page or website from your Instagram profile. It is essential for some users and not crucial for some. You must look at the website clicks metric on Instagram if your primary objective on the platform is to bring more traffic, a lot of conversions, or massive sales.

Another side, if you use Instagram to develop your brand awareness, monitoring website clicks metric is not necessary.

If you receive more website clicks, then it clearly shows that you have more profile visitors and an attractive CTA in your bio section on Instagram. You could change links and CTA frequently as a try if you didn't receive more website clicks.

Recently, Instagram launched the "Swipe Up" feature to add clickable links in Instagram stories. It is  the first time on Instagram for every user to add a link on the platform other than the bio section and this feature could shoot up Instagram story views and boost landing page traffic significantly. But the only requirement to place a clickable link on stories is you must have above 10K followers

Reach On Instagram

While reach is not a primary KPI for many social media managers, it is helpful to calculate the brand buzz you are developing with your content. Essentially, reach is an exclusive metric that shows you how many users have seen your content. One count is counted when an account views your video, story, or photo.

But what is the most significant difference between impressions and reach on Instagram?

Reach is counted once when a unique user gets your content, while impressions are calculated when your content gets a view every time.

You could have more impressions rather than reach every time. The impression doesn't cost you much because if anyone scrolls over your content ten times, the impression count will be ten. Reach is an authentic engagement to understand how many users on the platform have got your content.

Insights on Instagram provide you with the account counts in the Activity space you attained last week, including the people you have reached every day. You could get your individual stories and posts to reach multiple time sections in the content space by adjusting filters.

Engagement Rate On Your Instagram

Engagement is Instagram's king. It is the perfect platform to connect with customers and fans, beginning conversions and developing communities. Naturally, Instagram acquires the vast average engagement rate of all social platforms for brands.

Engagement is crucial for every digital marketer or social media manager to measure their Instagram content success.

The algorithm of Instagram rewards post contents that acquire significant engagements. The post on Instagram stays first in an audience feed based on those posts' engagement rate and the quick moment the audience engages with the posts after they are uploaded.

Instagram gives more priority to the posts in which people get engaged mostly. But what's the Instagram engagement exactly? Instagram engagement is the sum of comments, saves, and likes on your post. In the content tab from Instagram insights, you could get your post's total engagement by adjusting your filters.


With the perfect measure, you could monitor every key metrics you want to optimize your strategy on Instagram. Monitoring the key metrics helps you succeed in the Instagram campaign performance and post-performance and develops your community insights.

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 Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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