How to Download Videos from Your Favourite Streaming Service


Is #netflix and chill the motto of your life? But does your commitment to the art of movies and TV shows get severely hindered when the video buffers, maybe due to poor connectivity or maybe when you are traveling (say in a metro) and have to pass through tunnels? Whatever the case here, having your videos already downloaded and ready to be watched on the go is a huge blessing.

While even Netflix can be used as a website, we can’t just download its videos from other video sites like Dailymotion, and you can quickly download Dailymotion videos from here. However, this is not the case with a special platform like Netflix.

We will look at how to download videos from Netflix easily

  1. Netflix requires a prior paid subscription based on your choice of the available plans. With even the lowest plan ($8.99), you can keep your videos downloaded, whether it be an entire movie(s), or an entire season(s) of a TV show, or maybe just one episode of it.
  2. To find something, tap the ‘Downloads’ icon available at the taskbar at the bottom of your Netflix screen. Find something you want to download in the 'search’ menu.
  3. Now that you have found something, go to the listing and look for the 'download' icon under the description(if it’s a movie), and if it’s a TV show, scroll down and look for it in the individual episode(s). Tap on it, and your selection will download to your device
  4. You can set Netflix to Standard Video quality if storage is a concern; this step allows much faster downloads and even uses less space.

                App settings> Download Video Quality> Standard.

  1. Here you can also set the Netflix app to ‘Smart Downloads' and only download over WI-FI, which is not less than a blessing personally for someone like me – someone who’s constantly struggling to make that extra storage room on the phone (or any device). Sometimes, when, precisely, for this reason, I forget to download, say the next episode(s), ‘Smart Downloads’ already does it for me. Once activated, this feature lets Netflix automatically delete completed (watched) videos, making that crucial storage space for the next (unwatched) episode(s) to be downloaded automatically.

Now, it is time to understand how Download option on Prime works:

Click on the episode/movie you want, tap on the down arrow button or download, use "only wifi," and relax. However, these are some things you need to keep in mind.

Amazon usually has a number of video download policies, and if you're a Prime user, you get to use five accounts on different devices, remember, not the same. So you can either download on your profile from the device you automatically log in to. Or you can try downloading several episodes of a particular series that you want on one device and another profile on another device simultaneously.

Amazon, unfortunately, doesn't make this process an easy one, but it's definitely worth the effort. This will help people save money on data costs both on mobile and at home if your ISP is capping your download limits.

If you have a Kindle tablet, there's also a cool feature called "On Deck," which will automatically download a movie or two when you're not using the device, so if you leave the house, you don't have to worry about forgetting to download something.

Just go to downloads, and you can watch offline. You cannot find it elsewhere as it is on your download lists on prime, and you can watch them offline.

Lifehack: Use TuneBoto Amazon Video Downloader to download Prime videos to MP4 and save them to an SD card forever.

Disney Hotstar:

Disney Plus Hotstar subscription plans experience immense universality in the country owing to their vast catalog. The Walt Disney-owned video streaming service is home to the original content and legacy Disney titles such as Marvel and Pixar, including HBO, Fox, and Showtime. The platform also has independent digital rights to several sports, along with IPL, Premier League, and F1. Additionally, Disney Plus Hotstar has most of its movies and shows available in local Indian languages, like Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, to target a wider base.

Hotstar usually has three plans.

One is free; the other is VIP. The last is Premium.

For free and VIP, you can download or not depending on the series and credits. When it comes to Premium, though, it gets stored on an SD card. You ought to have enormous storage left or empty for the videos to get downloaded. You can view along with subtitles with the resolution you want while downloading only. It shows several settings and options from which you could download. However, live Hotstar content like Prem League, or Champions League, or IPL doesn't get streamed once the live stream is done. It only shows highlights. Unfortunately, you cannot download these. Ensure you have a seamless wifi connection and excellent bandwidth so that your watching does not get interrupted.

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