TOP Largest Tech Companies In The World


Today, many companies are emerging in this world of technology, but only a few come out to be technological giants. The top rankers are the most valuable companies in the business. Because of their high value, large consumer share, being stable in unpredictable times, people trust such companies.  Such companies have a decentralized structure with customer focus their main key. And, due to such structure they have to keep a strong and secure network using ( Such places treat employees at par with the senior levels and where innovation is promoted at every stage.

Such companies not only deliver their best to the customers but also consider their employees as the most valuable assets and treat them the same way with equal respect and stand beside them in times of need. During the unprecedented times like Corona, such companies made sure that the employees and the customers are well taken care of. Such top giants are like "Best Friends." They won't leave you whatsoever but would want loyalty and dedication in return.


According to the Fortune list 2020, Apple is the top tech giant in the world with a revenue of USD 274.51. The second on this list is Microsoft. Then comes the Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba Group, Tencent, Visa, Johnson and Johnson, Samsung. Most of the companies are from the USA, two are from China, one is from Japan, and one is from South Korea. These companies have the highest revenue in the technology sector, with their share price rising, thus increasing the market capitalization.

What makes such companies of so much value? Their excellent service, dedication towards the work, creating class apart technology, making sure that the customers are hooked to their brand. Apple creates a buzz every year when it launches a new iPhone or MacBook or Air Pods, and people willingly buy these products irrespective of their price. Why is that? It is because of the technology, the innovative style it provides, people cannot stop themselves from buying them. This is the brand loyalty a company should create that people are glued in front of their screens when Apple launches its new product in a mega event.


Microsoft is another global tech company that has captured a large number of customers and is the dream company of many employees all over the world. The Xbox launched by Microsoft has been said to be the strongest online platform with over 48 million users. It has sold around 77.2 million consoles worldwide. One of the best things about Microsoft is that it is highly involved in social work. Bill Gates has some of the largest NGOs in operation. Microsoft has basically given everyone a platform to the wok, its MS Office, Windows, Skype. It has made the world close and shown the world a new way to work.'


Amazon is another big company that is serving in every field of life. Every individual today knows what amazon is. Amazon has basically become the way of life. It is there in every phase, be it grocery, house appliances, entertainment, reading, and many more. This one company has given us a platform which offers so many things, so many products.

It is basically amazon that has actually inculcated the habit of online shopping in the world, which has shown the ease of shopping by sitting in the comfort of our couch. It has created brand loyalty to such an extent that today people, while shopping from amazon, never say they are shopping, but say that they have "Amazoned" it. Such is the customer reach and the popularity that it has been defined as the way of shopping experience.


Facebook is one such platform that started the trend of bringing people together in an online mode. It is actually through Facebook that we have been able to come back in touch with our distant relatives. Such is the complex algorithm of this platform that it makes a suggestion list based on the people we are close friends with.

What do these companies make unique? It is the dedication and the hours of hard work which gets unnoticed. The employees of such companies are properly taken care of, they have the best of the infrastructure and the facilities in the workspace, but they are given the strict deadlines which need to be adhered to. They are asked to brainstorm and bring innovative ideas. They can work up to 20 hours a day if they are required to bring an idea.

The world's best companies are from the USA, Japan, Korea. Not a single company is from India. It is not that India doesn't have the human resources or technology. The problem is somewhere, and it is in the work culture of the organization. Indian companies follow a hierarchical structure. The employee is not motivated to come up with new ideas, and he isn't considered equal. The amazing work culture, besides the best of everything, is the key. 

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