Micro Loop Hair Extensions: The Ultimate Guide to Applying Micro Loop Hair Extensions Yourself


Micro loop hair extensions are the latest and greatest when it comes to clipping in hair extensions. Unlike traditional clip in hair extensions which are either heat sealed or sewn onto your natural hair, micro loop extensions use small metal clips that are crimped onto your natural hair. These micro-loops blend seamlessly with your natural hair and are a great way to add volume, length and colour without damaging your existing locks!

1. What are micro loop hair extensions?

Micro loop hair extensions are the newest hair extension method that use very thin, micro-sized, circular wefts to attach to your hair. These hair extensions can be applied by hand, making them very convenient and easy to install.

Each hair is attached using a series of smaller hooks to secure the hair into a small loop. These loops can be attached to your existing hair or new hair! You can wear these hair extensions without a hair trimmer!

Not only do they provide instant volume, but the natural curls that form in just 8 to 10 days! When you’re starting out, I recommend starting with a couple of micro loop extensions and testing them out before investing too much in one place. Each one should provide you with about 1 meter of length. installation takes longer when you’ve got more rest to work with due to the increased length attached to your hair

With their natural curls forming in just ten days, micro loop hair extensions secured to your hair is a formula for instant volume! Just like with any hair extension treatment, the more you use these hair wraps, the quicker your natural curls will regrow! As you’re working, you can move them back and forth to distribute the force throughout your carry length hair!

2. How do micro loop hair extensions work?

Micro Loop Hair Extensions, also called microbeads, micro links, micro rings, mini beads, mini loops, mini links, mini rings, micro rings, micro links, micro-loops, micro links, micro-loops, micro rings are a type of hair extension that is made of a tiny strand of plastic or nylon. These hair extensions are worn in straight lines so that your hair can extend in an upwards or downward or semi-vertical position. In some cases, the micro loop might wear down with use, but even if it doesn’t, that isn’t an issue as the material does not fray or get brittle over time.

Hair accessories often come in straight lines, but if you instead want them to curve and come in various textures, this is possible too. Because of their shape and the small metallic stitches all the hair on these items has, micro loop hair extensions cannot be placed under the arms or under the blow dryer, so they don’t pose as great of a risk to your hair as other types of clip-on hair extensions.

Because micro-loops are so small it means that there is no mess to clean and they can be worn for an extended time before needing to be washed. This means that you can wear these hair extensions for a considerable amount of time without worrying about them falling out or getting damaged. These are a great option if you have to braid your hair for some reason because you may be able to wear your hair extensions a bit lower on your head and still not affect the size of your braid.

3. What is the best way to put in micro loop hair extensions?

Micro Loop Hair Extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hair. They are small and inconspicuous and can be put in by either your stylist or yourself.

What is a Micro Hair Extension?

While every so often we can get duped by foreigners claiming to be hairdressers, the real-world attribute to hair extensions is their versatility. This includes the fact they can be intricately crafted to suit your individual texture, form and colour. In addition, they can have multiple applications with various hair textures, grain etc. If this is why you’re considering wearing hair extensions, then you’re going to love finding the right hair extension for you!

Why Should You Use Micro Loop Hair Extensions?

Here are just a few of the great advantages you’ll find in using micro loop hair extensions.

     Tones & Wave Pattern

Use micro loop hair extensions to add versatility by giving you the control and flexibility to change up your hair care techniques to match your mood. This can also mean you don’t have to completely switch up your hairstyle! For example, you could wear your basic contrarian wave grade anymore as you won’t have to re-cut your hair to get volume and length.


Hair extension is a versatile form of hair growth that can add volume, length and curl. Adding volume or length to your hair means your hair looks fuller exporting more bangs, curls and waves. Investing in micro loop extensions can allow you to achieve overwhelming volumes whilst still maintaining the quality of your natural hair.

     Fits & Form

Using micro loop hair extensions means you can get a tailored fit to your natural hair in record time without having to deal with detangling, combing or re-keying your hair.

4. Do micro loop hair extensions hurt?

Micro loop hair extensions are one of the most popular and most comfortable types of hair extensions to wear. They’re suitable for all hair types, and many people wear them as a long-term solution for thicker, lusher hair. They can be worn for up to 6 months at a time and won’t harm your natural hair at all.

The amazing thing about micro loop hair extensions is that they’re affordable. The price of the hair extensions can range from $15 to $25 depending on the brand. What is best is the fact that these hair extensions can last a very long time. Imagine the possibilities! You can wear your hair loop extensions for years to come without any side effects. Money is no object and you can wear your hair extensions for yourself, at work or even to a party. Best of all, they make you style your hair, which is something that people dream of but rarely ever achieves. If you’re in love with micro loop hair extensions, this article is for you.

Micro loop hairdressing tools use breezy and fast working processes that don’t leave any residue on the hair or create any stretch marks.

Hairdresser’s products are beneficial since they contain conditioning agents that nourish the hair locks without leaving any build-up. Hairdresser’s products remove surface oil build-up that often leads to breakage or excessive frizz.


Micro loop hair extension is a great way to add volume, length and colour to your natural locks without having to sew or heat seal them onto your head. Applying for these extensions yourself is also an affordable option!

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