15 Most Interesting APIs Every Developer Should Know About


Coders can’t think beyond coding. However, in modern times, a developer is expected to come up with fresh ideas consistently. Sometimes developers run out of ideas that can be inspiring enough to be implemented. In this context, the following APIs can be the best recommendations. The best part is that these fun APIs can provide creative ideas for mobile app developers to come up with something incredible.

1. NASA Open APIs

NASA comes up with a pack of some incredible APIs meant for the public. One such interesting API is Astronomy Picture that delivers the latest picture from space every day. They also have an API to update the Mars weather and even API to deliver Mars Rover pictures.

2. Polygon.io

Those who are associated with app development know-how essential financial data are. However, one doesn’t need to take the help of a separate developer for API app development. Polygon.io can provide a whole range of financial data, ranging from stock quotes, past details, etc. Interestingly, they too provide an API for getting useful detail related to crypto currency.

3. Associated Press

It’s very much likely for a developer to develop projects where incorporating news is felt essential. On such occasions, Associated Press can indeed be an incredible option. The best part is that they offer a free API that allows the user to have access to real-time news.

4. Fun Translations

In this era of globalization, developers often have to deal with projects that can be significant without having any language constrain. Fun Translations can indeed be one of the finest APIs in this context. The specialty of the API is that it allows the user to translate the English language into more than 50 languages. It thus can be highly useful.

5. jService

Those looking to develop their trivia app can indeed find this API highly useful. The best part about the API is that it can provide Jeopardy trivia detail, which includes both the questions and the answers. There are more than 156,800 questions to select the form in it.


Being a developer, there is nothing to surprise if you feel the need to incorporate the massive library of GIPHY within the app. And, the simplest way of doing the same would be to take the help of the GIPHY API.

7. Color Lovers

Developers know how essential it is for them to find explicit colors to make a project interesting. Specifically, those associated with companies offering mobile app development solutions can very well relate to this. In this context, Color lovers can be thoroughly interesting. This is a community project that enables people to share and do vocabulary of the latest colors and palettes. There are more than 350k colors and way more palettes.

8. REST Countries

REST Countries is an interesting API that provides key details about various nations around the world. Through this, one can deliver a query for obtaining the language of a nation, its currency, capital, etc. The best part, the REST Countries is available for free.

9. Open Weather API

Being a developer, one often needs to incorporate weather details in an app. Open Weather can be an incredible API in this regard. This enables the user to obtain weather in more than 200k cities in the world. It also helps in getting access to historical weather details.


Nothing surprises you if you get a project that has something to do with the ongoing pandemic. Such developers can find the API effective to provide access to a whole range of data related to the virus. Never know, you can help someone in saving many lives.

11. Agify API

This is an incredibly fun API enabling the user to predict the age by name. Here one doesn’t need API for getting initiated. It means all you need is to send a request with a name to know your age, as per the algorithm of the API.

12. Balldontlie API

Balldontlie API helps the user in having access to a whole range of data related to the NBA. Starting from the details of entire NBA teams, details of certain games, to player details, one can get it all. Those dealing with projects related to NBA can find it cool.

13. Coinbase Digital

Needless is to say, how significant is the buzz around cryptocurrency in modern times. With so many people showing interest in virtual currency, no wonder if you get a side project based on the same. In this context, Coinbase Digital can be an incredible API that enables users to check the crypto price, buy, etc.

14. Lob

This is an interesting API for those not having a printer. These people can simply deliver a request to it through the RESTful API to obtain the document through the mail in a matter of only a few days.

15. Cat Facts

This is another fun API for all the cat lovers out there. If you are dealing with some cool cat-based projects, this API can provide you with a huge range of details.

So, aren’t these APIs interesting? Which one do you think is the most relevant? Do let us know.

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