Five Handy Reasons to Pay with Crypto


The days of speculation of cryptocurrencies are almost over. Cryptocurrencies are now entering the mainstream due to their high levels of practicality at many levels. This form of currency is being popularized by billionaire influencers and the business world as they enable fast and direct transactions while still being global by design. In the initial days, there were fewer providers for a robust crypto payment gateway, but now times have changed and there more than one can imagine. With more information sharing, the numbers and quality have substantially improved. More stores and businesses these days accept this form of currency than ever before. Let us look at the top 5 advantages when you decide on this option.

Choose A Wallet That Suits You

Irrespective of whether you use a non-custodial wallet or a custodial one, there are plenty of choices in the market. A non-custodial wallet is one where you have sole control of your private keys, which control your cryptocurrency and prove the funds belong to you. A custodial wallet is one where another party controls your private keys. For this, you are trusting a third party to secure your funds and return them if you want to trade them somewhere else. Some of the top and most successful cryptocurrency payment gateways which enable merchants to accept payments with crypto wallets are available in over 1000 stores (mostly physical) in different countries. These numbers are set to only increase at a very fast pace in the years to come.

Save Time

Time is a very valuable and limited resource for all of us these days. Lost time easily equates to lost opportunities. In the hustle and bustle of life, can you really afford to lose time over a payment transaction? Cash transactions take the longest time to process and then there’s the question of safety. When you consider credit or debit card payments,the narrative doesn’t change much. These also tend to take up substantial time to process. While being more secure, these forms of payment still build queues at checkout counters. Today, amidst a pandemic, customers prefer to stay away from physical checkout counters due to a likelihood of getting infected. Therefore, when you consider all factors, digital transactions are the quickest. Payments through a well-built crypto payment gateway take only a few seconds, and this will lead to faster checkouts and shorter queues.

Enjoy the Smooth Process

Cryptocurrency transactions are very simple for the customer as well as for the merchant, where it is available. At the checkout counter, the process of payment is seamless, where you just need to scan the code with your crypto wallet and confirm the transaction. You will not have to worry about withdrawing cash and handling multiple cards. Further, a well-designed crypto payment gateway will be focussed on making the process as simple, quick and easy as possible.

Use a Variety of Cryptocurrencies

Are you the kind of person who likes to store different types of cryptocurrencies? If that is the case, you may be sceptical about using this as a form of payment as you are unsure of its acceptance at a particular store. However, it is good to know that a crypto wallet can support quite a few currencies. This makes the wallet quite handy, and it gives you the option to choose any of those currencies at each transaction. At the time of checkout, you have the freedom to choose any one of them to use. For this, the merchant has to have a robust cryptocurrency payment gateway to facilitate a quick transaction.

Travel Light

There were days when you had to rush to make a purchase only to realize later that you had forgotten your wallet at home. However, a mobile phone is something you carry with you all the time. Paying with your mobile phone is the most logical way to go now. By carrying your phone with you, you carry your digital wallet as well. Yes, it’s that simple. This enables you to considerably reduce the number of items you carry on your person, doing shopping and browsing far more convenient. This enables you to focus on your tasks and be more organized by having your shopping list, to-dolist and crypto wallet all in one single device. Further, since the wallet is not physical there is a sense of safety as you won’t be susceptible to theft or robbery. Thus, whether you’re traveling by public transport or even internationally, you won’t have to constantly think of ways to keep your money safe.

As there is always resistance to adopting new technologies, this too shall pass, and many stores will embrace cryptocurrency in future once they see how it will benefit their business. Many more merchants will have to invest in the best crypto payment gateway to ensure that they are equipped for the future.

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