How to Renovate Your Garden with Style


It’s time to reclaim your outdoor space! If you are overwhelmed by the notion of landscaping, you’re not alone. But achieving a lovely garden isn’t as difficult, or as time intensive, as you might imagine. Drought-resistant shrubs and creative use of space can make lawn maintenance light and eco-friendly.

A well landscaped garden could increase your home value anywhere from 70-80%. The investment is well worth your time and effort! Read on to discover the easy ways in which you can create your own beautiful garden space.

Get in Shape!

Imagine your perfect garden; is it an informal riot of color and fun? Or do you prefer simple lines that will induce a meditative mood? Think of the ways you intend to utilize the space. Are you planning a quiet escape for yoga? Or will you host lovely parties on the deck?

The shapes in your garden are an essential piece of your design. Rectangular and square beds are excellent for creating formal settings, with strong lines and clear paths. Triangles can be used in formal or informal settings and work well in sloped areas. A circle is the perfect shape for creating a strong focal point, especially when punctuated by a decorative sculpture or particularly prized plant. If your lot has many sharp angles, consider creating irregular shapes, where paths can echo your deep beds.

Plan the Plants

While it may be tempting to put the prettiest blooms in your cart, not all flowers are equal. You should start with a little research. Certain annuals may thrive in your soil, but will the roses survive that dark corner? Determine the shady and sunny spots in your yard and plan your plants accordingly. Take your climate into consideration. Ferns will grow well in your beds if you live in the rainy Northwest U.S., and you’ll want to purchase hardy perennials to survive the summers in the South.  Pick a few plants that bloom “out of season”, so there will always be a delight in your yard. Evaluate the benefits of adding a few trees, if your lawn is low on shade; as they mature, they will provide a lovely dynamic to your garden.

Add a Garden Shed

Working in your garden will be far more pleasant with your tools easily accessible nearby! A simple metal building, tucked in a far corner, will be an excellent addition to your arsenal. Metal buildings are a good choice for tools because they are resistant to mold and mildew. Choose a bright color for your galvanized panels if you’re looking for a fun, informal garden, or opt for neutral colors to complement your mindful oasis. If you are looking for an attractive place to store your trash and recycling bins, affordable metal storage buildings are easy to install.

A Room with a View

Extend your living space with a pergola! You don’t have to spend the money on a giant sunroom when you can easily bring comfort to your patio. A freestanding pergola will make your outdoor room feel larger than it is! Establish the space with potted plants and decorations. Weather-resistant cushions and furniture will welcome you day after day for afternoon tea. With your favorite plants all around, this will quickly become your favorite room!

Catch the Eye

Creating visual interest is all about contrast. For example, if you choose black paving stones for your garden, expert landscapers recommend using bright red or yellow blooms nearby.  If your yard is flat, consider adding a terrace for seating or raised beds to provide levels. Integrate delightful ornamentation into your flora, items such as statues or sundials or water features. One or two trees will grow into magnificent focal points but be aware of their maximum growth potential. You won’t want a giant tree overshadowing your house or casting so much shade that it inhibits plant growth in your garden.

Light Up Your (Plant) Life

A well-designed blend of natural and ambient lighting will make your garden a welcoming space. If you are creating an informal, bohemian atmosphere, consider lanterns and candles. You may even wrap a few strands of twinkling lights around the base of a tree for more lighting magic. Some designer garden lighting is made to be woven into your garden, showcasing your beloved plants. You can find solar powered options online, and timers are available to reduce energy usage. If you want brighter lighting for your dinner party, you will be delighted by suspending festoon lights over your patio.

Get Your Hands Dirty! 

You have so many design options and plants to consider when planning a garden, but take heart! Once you set clear goals, planning your garden will be a relatively simple process. If you’re tight on space, you can turn to vertical garden options; if you’re working within a budget, contact local landscaping suppliers for their cast-off pavers and get creative. If you’re stumped for ideas, set aside some cash for a professional, and get advice (approx. $75 - $150 per hr). With a little research and a DIY-attitude, you can turn any boring yard into the welcoming oasis you desire.


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