Toxic Free Yoga Mats For Better Safety

As a yoga teacher, I often give advice on what mat to buy. One thing most people forget is that their favorite yoga mat can be toxic and harmful to them and the environment.

In this guide I will tell you about the best eco-friendly yoga mats and the best non toxic yoga mats! We will dig deeper into the materials and what is safe and unsafe in them in massive comparison to this yoga mat!

Why choose a non-toxic yoga mat?

What do yoga mats do? You probably already know that something is wrong, just about the new scent of yoga mats (more on that later!).

The right mat is the perfect way to take your skills to the next level: the grip can help you bend the right muscles, the padding can protect your sensitive joints, and the cool design can encourage you to train more!

Who else should take care of getting the best possible eco-yoga mat:

If you practice yoga healthy or recovering from an illness or injury, like many others, this is a good reason to look for a mat that will not harm your health or your environment.

Special mention if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant: you need to be especially careful because many carpets contain hormone-disrupting chemicals that can harm you and your baby (if you have a chance to get pregnant). Keep reading to find out what to look for in a yoga mat and what to avoid.

If you practice yoga as a way to get back in shape or have recently had difficulty breathing, you should opt for a chemical-free yoga mat. We spend a lot of time on yoga faces, such as breathing exercises, breathing deep fresh air (as harmful substances if you have the wrong mat).

As a yoga teacher, I’m not worried about what works on my yoga mat because I encourage my students to educate themselves and make choices that feel good for their bodies and others around them.

What is a non-toxic yoga mat:

This is a healthy yoga mat: Certain chemicals in yoga mats can have a devastating effect on your health and cause a wide range of problems from cancer to health problems.

It is also an environmental yoga mat: the mat itself and how it is made can release chemicals into the environment. Choose an ethical yoga mat!

This is more complicated than just choosing a natural yoga mat:

Choosing a natural yoga mat does not mean that you are 100% safe, as some parts of the mat can still be made with it because it can be made with harmful chemicals that are then released into the environment.

Therefore, the best non-toxic yoga food guide will help you understand the labels so you can choose the right one for you and your environment.

What is done with a traditional yoga mat?

The most popular yoga mats are made of plastic materials such as PVC, PER or TPE. There is no news that plastic is everywhere, and not exactly what is best for your body. Plastic releases chemicals that can damage your body, and this happens faster when exposed to heat.

We don’t know much about plastic because there are so many of them. Don’t be part of “safe plastics” who claim that they also don’t contain harmful substances because often a harmful chemical is replaced with a chemical we know little about or not at all.

It is good to reduce our exposure to the ingredients in this part and get a plastic-free yoga mat.

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