Top 12 Self-Driving Vehicles Startups in India in 2021


Autonomous or self-driven vehicles are those which can navigate to different locations without the involvement of any human driver. Self-Driving vehicles have been one of the trendiest topics in 2021.

Here are a few self-driven vehicle startups in India to watch out for:

#1.  Ati Motors

It’s a Bangalore based company consisting of 30 engineers. Their product is Sherpa 1000, which is an autonomous ton cargo carrier. The company has expertise in Machine learning, AI, system software, and Mechanical engineering.

#2.  Flux Auto

It’s a Bangalore based startup company that supplies autonomous driving kits considering safety to commercial vehicles. It produces purpose-built systems to deliver productivity, high performance and has complete customization. The company uses radar, camera, and proximity sensors in the vehicles.

#3.  Minus Zero

It’s a Jalandhar based company, which builds affordable autonomous cars in India. It uses a combination of machine learning techniques, hybrid neural networks and Python Frameworks. The design is built-in CAD environments for further testing, stimulations and designs.

#4. Netradyne

The company is based in Bangalore and San Diego and has experts working on AI, Edge computing and deep learning, with an aim to bring feasible solutions in transportation. It also focuses on building new driving safety standards with advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence determine, detect and reason any casual events which may lead to accidents.

#5. Giscle System

It’s a Bangalore based self-driven company that focuses on developing autonomous systems with the help of crowdsourced data. It delivers smart addresses and smart maps to these systems with the help of computers incorporated into them. The three main features are recognition, analysis and detection. With the help of AI, it works incredibly well on facial, image recognition and body detections. It offers SDK and Web API to use offline technology.

#6 Hi Tech Robotic Systemz

It’s a Gurgaon based company founded in 2004, that delivers assistive systems which are smart and automated, to the customers globally by their business model (disruptive). It primarily focuses on developing automated products for the next generation. It has driver-assistive technology which works for both passengers and transportation.

#7. OmniPresent Robot

It was founded in 2010 and has become one of the leading robotics, video analytics and industrial drone solution providers of the country. It was founded in New Delhi and it builds drones and robots for the purpose of defence and industrial inspections. The company claims to use machine learning, virtual reality and computer vision to provide clients with actionable insights and visual analytics.

#8. Quixote

It’s an Ahmedabad based tech company that was founded in 2016 and is an automotive startup that works in ADAS, insurtech, connected cars and autonomous vehicular technology. It has developed products such as Wheel Intel and Scouto, where Scouto makes the car trackable, safe and environment friendly, while Intel serves as a system supplier in connected cars for fleet owners and car manufacturers.

#9. Swaayatt Robots

It was founded in 2015 in Bhopal and is an autonomous driving startup. It focuses on the development of autonomous driving technology(Level -5), which works great in traffic with stochastic dynamics, unstructured environmental conditions and adversarial traffic without high fidelity maps or high definition.

#10. Fisheybox

It’s a tech startup situated in Kolkata. It focuses on creating low budget self-driving cars and aims at creating cars with low tech using antennae, cameras and sensors, which will create a modified version, to deliver it to the customers. Furthermore, this car can also get controlled with the help of the joystick and comprises features like software voice commands and voice recognition.

#11. Flo Mobility

It’s a Bangalore-based tech company founded in 2019, which provides fleet repositioning solutions and teleoperation kits that focus on retrofitting micro-mobility fleets, which includes electric kick scooters. It includes features like object detection algorithms and interprets sensor data.

#12. Isenses

It’s a Mumbai-based Machine Intelligence company that offers machine vision products, and automatic system recognition. It claims that the company employs their machine learning algorithms and works with low-cost mono cameras for the purpose of object detection.

The Takeaway

Self-driving is one of the most popular topics talked about in the world.


The global autonomous vehicle market is predicted to reach a $500 billion market cap by 2025. Tech giants such as Tata Mahindra, Infosys and TCS are working to bring the same to India.

Which startup excited you the most and why? Tell us in the comments section below!

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