Top 7 Stunning Engagement Rings – Every Bridal Wish to Wear


Engagement is the approval of the bond of the companionship of two people who have decided to spend their lives in love together. An engagement ring is not just a part of a jewel used for the strength of that bond but also a commitment by promising your loved ones that you will always be there in her thick or thin. There are innumerable pretty rings but it is very difficult to give a pick to an authentic one. Choosing the best ring is as vital as you were so choosey at the time of selection of your partner.

In this blog, you will get to know which rings are meant to gift when, to whom and why? There will be the answers to all questions you have in your mind. Most probably, silver and gold material is chosen by the partners to give their ladies precious gemstones or diamonds. As it is to be given once in a while. It is sometimes not possible to look at precious stuff or select from imitation jewelry online.

So, here is the list of the seven most exceptional and stylish engagement rings that you can buy for your engagement either online or from a jewelry stall.

Mixed metal rings

Combine with different metal colors for some universally dominant and vibrant, modern styling with tricolored real stoned mixed material rings give an enchanting look and feel to your most precious day. Mixed materials include silver, gold, and mixed metal include platinum and Kundan. Earlier in the past, it was not available as it is available today, similarly, it has become a common trend that people are dying to buy it.

Pear cut ring

A pear-cut engagement ring is all about the traditional feel at the time of the 90s with full classical looks and as simple as a rounded ring. When you are not sure about the choice of your loved ones and yet you do not have any experience then you may pick this ring as it is very cozy to wear all the time in ring-finger. It comes up in pear shape designs and is easily available in imitation forms so you may check stalls of artificial jewelry online.

Rose gold ring

Rose gold rings are always most-wanted rings that can never go out of the fashion streets. Women always love to have their jewelry boxes filled with such rings. Gold is a long-lasted metal that never can change its color faded away. This is best in the sense goes equal and matched with every skin type and tone.

Sapphire ring

If you don’t want to get the diamond rings as they are always mostly surprise-gifted by lovers then you may choose sapphire rings as an optimal option. It will be something according to the chicness and demands of the time. Not everyone goes for a sapphire ring on their special day it does not mean it does not have worth, it still stands amongst the best of the gemstones such as opal, garnet, and turquoise.

Three stone ring

If you want to show off your friends about your engagement, then put on a big rock on your finger. It will be an evergreen gift from your love on your enjoyment day as it has three big stones to flaunt among people in your surroundings.  

Twisted Setting Ring

If you are interested in a stylish, goggling, and sparkling engagement ring design then give a pick to a twisted setting ring. It will be a splendid choice for a shocking surprise for your beloved wife to be. Alternatively, you have other discussed options for your committed day in the end.

Double shank ring

A double shank ring is referred to as the band for a finger like a band or a bracelet is named to wear for the wrist. It is the clear round big portioned ring that covers half of the finger-like scarcely your finger could be able to bend. With the very sophisticated and cool weary design, shank affecting both elements, the exterior, and the looks when is to wear. The rings are always very delicate to wear and most excitingly exposing a piece of jewelry on part of telling someone that we are engaged now.

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