What is Oxygen | Characteristics and Importance of Oxygen Cylinder


Oxygen is an essential means of survival for an organism that is needed every second. Crisis of artificial oxygen across the country. The oxygen demand of the corona waves peaks. The prevalence of various respiratory diseases from asthma, sinus, bronchitis is increasing. Coronavirus weakens the lungs. Because of shortness of breath, the corona patient needs to have a constant supply of oxygen at hand. An oxygen cylinder or an oxygen concentrator will be useful in delivering oxygen quickly if needed.

Pure (82%) medical oxygen is produced by compressing the oxygen especially collected from natural air in a few steps. Oxygen can usually be transported and stored in both liquid and gaseous after production, which we use in hospitals to control the oxygen level in the patient's body at a later time. Most of the hospitals in our country are supplied with gaseous or gaseous oxygen as it is cost-effective and can be easily stored.

Importance of An Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen cylinders are very useful when a patient needs little oxygen. The human body should normally have an above 95 oxygen level. But, Covid-19 infections cause chest pain, respiratory obstruction, and other respiratory diseases. This condition requires rapid oxygen therapy. Many buy oxygen cylinders, many rent. Oxygen cylinder home delivery service is now a place of trust for patients who usually think of taking treatment at home.

The number of Covid affected patients is increasing day by day. Corona hospitals already have overcrowded patients, most of whom have abnormally low levels of oxygen saturation. In this situation, ensuring oxygen supply to these patients on a priority basis is one of the major challenges. Some good companies have made the Oxygen cylinder price in BD affordable for the customers due to the high demand for Oxygen cylinders.

The existence of oxygen cylinders that are easily accessible will certainly help prevent and overcome hypoxia. Therefore, if any family member suffers from certain medical conditions, at least in the short term, keep an oxygen cylinder as one of the first aid to deal with an emergency at home.

Several conditions require a person to receive oxygen directly from a particular container through an oxygen cylinder. An example is hypoxia, a condition in which blood oxygen levels are so low. This condition itself can be characterized by shortness of breath and fatigue, especially after walking or coughing, which can be accompanied by cold sweats. Another symptom that characterizes a person with hypoxia is the blue-faced skin surface, which is easily identified on the lips and fingernails.

The use of oxygen cylinders itself needs to receive guidance and evaluation from appropriate medical personnel so that unwanted things do not happen. You can take the help of a nursing home care BD who manages these very efficiently.

When do you need help using oxygen cylinders?

When using an oxygen cylinder you must make sure that the connection between the hose and the tube is not leaked. After that, you also need to make sure that the oxygen is flowing, to make the oxygen cylinder work.

If you experience any of the following symptoms after using Oxygen Cylinder, contact a doctor or medical professional immediately: Lips and nails turn blue, have headaches, feel sleepy, restless or confused, shortness of breath, short, hard, and irregular.

If the oxygen cylinder is used for children, contact a physician immediately after using the oxygen cylinder and notice the following symptoms:

      Breathing becomes faster than normal

      The nostrils appear to expand during breathing

      Excessive noise may be heard during breathing, snoring, or soreness

      Must lose appetite.

      The lips, gums, or eyelids are dark or bluish

      Being easily angry

      Insomnia or even loss of consciousness.

Having an oxygen cylinder at home does not mean that you do not need medical help. Contact the nearest medical staff immediately, especially when the tube has a problem or the patient's health condition has not improved. To evaluate the success of using oxygen cylinders at home, make sure you always monitor the doctor's health status

Final Words

Oxygen is an important medical ingredient for a dying patient with shortness of breath but it has to be handled very carefully. This requires the use of a cylinder in which the quality of oxygen is also intact. Get from a good platform when oxygen cylinder home delivery is helpful for you. Pay attention to the Oxygen cylinder price in BD, if it seems too much for you then rent it on a weekly or monthly contract. The number of critically ill patients in the country is increasing in line with the detection of the infection. Although the demand and supply crisis of oxygen in our country is not acute now, it is necessary to work with a plan before the shortage of oxygen occurs. So that the critically ill patients in our country are guaranteed treatment.

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