How to physically protect your MacBook Pro?


Protecting your laptop is important, and when you own a MacBook, you need to be extra careful. After all, the MacBook is one of the most versatile laptops in this era, with a sleek design and extraordinary performance.

Even so, Apple hasn't done a very good job of ensuring the durability of Macintosh devices, no matter how amazing they are.

Thus, when someone buys a MacBook, they need to be extra cautious and take some precautions to protect their Mac from getting physically damaged.

Do you know what precautions you need to take? Don't worry; we'll tell you how to care for your Mac in a few easy steps.

Here we go!

● Screen protectors

One of the most common problems in the MacBook is the keyboard marks on the screen, and the worst part about these marks is that they are not removable. So what to do about these permanent marks on the screen of your beautiful Macintosh? Well! It is really simple to avoid these marks from ruining your MacBook.

All you have to do is apply a simple yet helpful screen protector. A screen protector is a thin layer of plastic designed to protect your device screen from any scratch. It is not expensive, just a few bucks, and the screen of your MacBook is saved from those dirty marks, and if the screen protector gets those marks, all you have to do is replace it, easy, simple, and yet effective.

● Cover the body of the MacBook

After the screen comes the keyboard and the body of your previous Macintosh. Though the build quality of the MacBook's keyboard is good, it is still vulnerable to getting damaged. So it is important to provide some protection to these little-little keys of your Macintosh. The keyboard of the MacBook is of a high quality so that it won't be damaged easily, but accidents can occur anywhere and at any time, drinking your coffee while attending an online meeting, and oops!

Spill your coffee on your precious Macintosh to avoid any heavy damage from these kinds of accidents. Then, all you have to do is put on a silicone keyboard cover that will not only protect you from any liquid spillage but will also stop dust particles or any other kind of small particles that can ruin your typing experience.

Not only the keyboard, but you should also avoid keeping your MacBook in places where it is vulnerable to falling, and boom; you have saved your MacBook repair cost several times. Well, this was just a tip. Another major step for protecting your MacBook from damage is to cover its chassis.

There are two types of cover available in the market that can minimize the damage on your MacBook when it falls.

  1. A regular case will protect your Macintosh from minor damage and preserve its sleek design like MOSISO.
  2. A rigged case that will increase the durability of your MacBook and will protect it from any major damage from falling like UZBL.

● Carry your Mac in style

The MacBook is already a stylish laptop, and it feels good when you carry your Macintosh in your arm around your college, but to secure your MacBook, you should always carry it in a laptop sleeve. But who would like to kill the admirable design of Macintosh by covering it up in a sleeve? Well, of course, no one, so why the sleeve?

The sleeve protects your Macintosh from falling and makes it easier to carry your MacBook around, all you have to do is buy a cool laptop sleeve that matches your personality, and your coolness is still there with a bit of safety on your MacBook.

● Cleaning your MacBook

One of the most basic steps that everyone takes seriously is cleaning their laptops, and it is really important to clean your laptop frequently. Still, most people take the cleaning process lightly and clean their laptop with any cloth without thinking it might damage their screen.

To avoid any damage to the screen or on the body of your MacBook, always keep in mind that you must use a microfiber cloth. According to Apple, the user should clean their Macintosh with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution with a microfiber cloth to avoid damage to the screen. This will clear all the marks from the body of the body MacBook.

But when using a solution of isopropyl, the user should be very careful as the alcohol can damage the keyboard or the MacBook if used in excess or if it reaches the motherboard of the Macintosh. And the user should also keep in mind that applying a fancy skin on the flap of the MacBook is a bad idea, as while removing those skins, they leave behind the residue of the adhesive, and they don't provide any protection to your Mac.

● Have an organized workspace

Having an organized workspace helps you avoid tons of accidents related to your laptops in your day-to-day routine.

First of all, the user should try to keep any liquid away from the MacBook, and if you need the liquid while working, you should use a closed-lid container while working.

The user should also try to keep the wires organized so that no one stumbles through the wires and the MacBook remains on the table. Another tip is to use a stable table so that your Macintosh doesn't stumble with the table and it remains safe.

● Keep Your MacBook cool.

While using the MacBook, we forget to keep it on a hard surface most of the time. Instead, we use soft surfaces like beds or pillows, which block the air circulation of the MacBook by blocking its went, and this helps in raising the temperature of the MacBook, which is not good for the internal hardware of the Macintosh.

So, it is important to keep your MacBook's temperature low by letting the air circulate, and for this, the user should use their MacBook on a table or someplace which allows air circulation.

The suggestion is to use a laptop stand while working on your work table or a laptop tray when you are having a lazy day and are using your Mac from your bed. These two accessories allow air circulation, which will help you keep your MacBook safe.

Key takeaways!

Keeping your MacBook pro safe is important because this not only ensures the long life of the MacBook laptop but also ensures the high retail price when you go to sell your Mac for an upgrade.

Above were the few very simple and easy to perform tips that can help users keep their MacBook pro or any other MacBook laptop safe.

These tips are for protecting your Macintosh from any external damage, but internal hardware is also very important, and they should be used carefully.

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