Must-Have Features in Grocery Delivery Software like instacart

With the rising dependency on the internet, it is no surprise that many people are shifting to on-demand services, including food delivery services. Most shoppers prefer to order groceries online rather than standing in long queues at grocery stores. The reason behind this is busy routine, and people find it more convenient to order online than visit the grocery stores.

 Therefore, many grocery store owners decide to opt for the online grocery business. For this, all you need is a top-class grocery delivery application like Instacart clone. However, the success of the online grocery store depends on the amazing features your application includes. A grocery delivery app that understands its users' needs and values their time is all that customers look for.

 So, if you are also interested in giving a new dimension to your grocery business using grocery delivery business software, don't forget to include the following most amazing features.

Must-have features in Grocery store delivery business application

Easy sign-ups/logins

Customers want one-tap sign-ups and logins, which is less time-consuming than manual ways. The registration process should be simplified so that users don't get confused. The complicated sign-ups may irritate the users, making them leave your application.

There are various user-friendly methods to register your customers on your grocery delivery business software.

      The social media-A useful application allows the customers to sign up using their social media accounts like Facebook etc. So, users don't have to create an individual account to sign up.

      Email address -Another popular way for registration is using an email address. Now every individual has its email id. So, it is a very easy and smooth login process as nobody has time for a time-consuming process.

      Mobile number-  Entering your mobile number is possible in no time. It is the easiest and fastest sign-up process. Moreover, don't forget to provide the password, forget the option to make it convenient for the users.

Enhanced and smartest search methods

Efficiently finding the right grocery products is the key feature that attracts and sticks your customers with your online grocery delivery application. Following features you can add for enhanced search to stand ahead in the market:

      Add filters based on cost and product types to allow the fastest search

      Offer search via voice commands

      List of shopped/searched and mostly sold items

      Adding products to the shopping list with one tap

      Suggesting relevant products

      List of repeated orders

Real-time order tracking

Users like to keep a check on their orders once placed. Therefore, real-time order tracking is important to keep them informed accurately about the status of the ordered grocery products until the order is delivered.

What does live order tracking tell the customers?

      Driver location at a particular time

      Total time to reach the destination

This feature increases the chances of customer engagement since the customer doesn't have to make estimations for the delivery time of their orders. So, they can stay relaxed when waiting for the delivery agent.

Providing the right information about the order status builds trust in your customers. Even if customers' orders are late or delivered before the time, it will not hassle the customers as they are already updated by the live order tracking feature.

Safe and secure payment methods

After placing the order, the users come to the next step: making payment and completing the order. A safe payment gateway is the other important aspect of the grocery delivery application. Users should not feel bound by making payments using the only one payment option every time they order from your application.

You should allow your customers to make payments the way they want. This flexibility of payment gateways keeps the customers happy. You can add the following payment options in your grocery delivery business software:

      Net banking




      Cash on delivery

Customer feedback and rating

Every business should strive to improve if it wants to be the dominant player in the industry. So, the customer ratings and reviews can make or break the business. The feedback of your already registered customers plays a major role in making your new customers.

The suggestions from the customers help the business to overcome its shortcomings. Business owners can make their services better with time when they see feedbacks from their users.

For example:

      Quality of the purchased grocery items

      Quality of services

      Delivery timings

      Services of the delivery agents

So, this kind of feedback gives you an exact idea about :

      where you lack

      how you can improve

      What makes your customers happy

Push notifications

Push notifications are a must to provide your customers with. It allows the admin to send out personalised offers or discount notifications to the users. And these notifications are sent based on the users' interests by tracking the record of their previous shopping history.

Push notifications play a vital role in retaining the customers as they get direct alerts on their devices for the upcoming offers without much effort. These pop-up messages have great value in attracting customers.

In-app chat support system

The in-app chat support system is a useful feature that enhances your grocery delivery app experience. Users can ask their queries and show their concerns using the chat support system. Moreover, with this feature, users can reach the service providers directly through messages if any issue needs to be resolved immediately.

App chat support feature offers a better experience than sending emails to the service providers. Food delivery apps with a chat support system are proven to provide more customer satisfaction.

Efficient Navigation and GPS tracking

The built-in navigation system helps the delivery agent find the exact delivery location. A well-optimised GPS tracking system saves the delivery agent's time and makes it easy to reach the delivery location.

Moreover, this feature also works in customers' favour as they don't have to wait for a long time as the delivery agents reach on time using it.

Add to cart option

The convenience of adding to cart offers an organised shopping experience to the customers. People like to add items they want to shop in one bucket. With this feature, users can save that item in the list and can buy it later. Also, when going through the final list before placing the order, they can remove the items they are not interested in buying.

If you can make this experience more simple with just one tap, there is nothing more a customer wants from you. Besides, the total cost can be displayed to keep a check on the bill.

When the online shopping procedure takes time, there are very few chances that the customers will show interest in your application. Therefore, the simplest methods offer the best user experience.

Final consideration

As we know, there is tough competition in the online grocery delivery businesses. So, the service providers cannot afford to miss these features mentioned above. To stay in the game and deliver what exactly your customer needs, having a top-notch grocery delivery app is equally important as the quality of your products.

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