What is Shoppable Marketing?

Shopping from local stores and Malls has gradually become old-school when top brands facilitate buying online in association with aggregators like Amazon. After that, small businesses (due to cut-throat competition) also dive into the online market to sell what they have in physical stores. Then comes the next level marketing strategy which you might know as 'Shoppable Content'.

'Shoppable Content' is nothing but another social and cost-effective way to drive sales up. How? As it is evident that social media is approachable to everyone everywhere, so why can't it be a medium to sell out your products? And when there are people to sell, there would surely be a group of people who buy! Alone in the USA, the graph of sales from social media accounts is expected to cross 100 Million Dollars in the next 2 years or so.

Shoppable content is a blend of a social post into a product marketing Ad on social media. Shoppable marketing has become a new tactic for online marketers to explore, share, and engage more audiences than ever before.

Let us dig into the details of Shoppable content and talk about its nuts and bolts.

What is Shoppable Content?

Recent research in this regard says that 70%+ businesses, small or big, are utilizing social media platforms to increase their sales graph. This idea of selling directly from social media is heeded these days. Shortly, this is expected to increase further. Apart from that, making payments through social media is also effortless. Be it credit card, Debit card, COD, everything is acceptable as a payment gateway. As per the chief of Scanteam, Many countries also accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.


Shoppable content is any post, video, image, text, or visuals shared on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, which is curated as a product/service marketing Ad. When a consumer likes any of the product or services, it takes them to the buying window of the business right from the App or website without signing out from there.


Today almost everyone between 15 to 65 years old is present actively on social media. So, you see this is quite a huge number for brands and businesses to reach out to their target audiences.

This is not only fruitful for businesses but consumers are also loving this new shopping venue. Shoppable content enables the consumer to save the time it takes them to reach the purchase page from the product description page. As the time invested in browsing products earlier is now utilized in the shopping experience, shoppable content turns out to be more user-friendly, and result-driven.

Benefits of Shoppable Content

You might not know who lives next to your door but the person may be friends with you on Facebook. This is the power of social media. And now businesses are using it well to drive sales high. This is also noticeable from the Instagram report that over 130 Million users showed their interest in shopping right from their social media account. Shoppable content is a great way to offer informative shopping to consumers at their fingertips. Read on to know more benefits of shoppable content.

Cutting Down The Lengthy Buying Process

The core idea of shoppable marketing is to unify the 'Point of Inspiration to Sales' and the 'Point of Sales'. Nothing could be a more straightway to hit the consumers' buying inspiration than on social accounts. Because people might not regularly check new additions on shopping websites but they never miss out on scrolling through their social accounts repeatedly. So product discovery becomes easy.

So, the process of buying is simplified for the consumers. It is just that they have seen something while scrolling the social updates, they liked it, hit the 'Buy Now' button, pay, and it's a purchase! As simple as that. No delays, No long purchase formalities.

Customer Ease

The theory of 'Consumer Satisfaction is Priority' has already been established so far and is being followed by businesses to raise sales figures. Shoppable marketing is nothing but the evolution of the said theory keeping in mind the increasing social media presence of shoppers around the world.

So the goal is to reach out to the customers where they are. Potential customers are easily found on social media now and then. And it's easy to offer them what they want at their convenience. Ultimately, it enhances the customer experience without making them entangled in so many purchasing customs.

Improve Conversion Rates

To hit the consumer at the right time is not effective marketing. But to create that right time for the consumer and then serve your products is what marketing is all about. Social space provides leverage of personalization that converts leads into customers. Also for businesses, calculating and analyzing statistics is very easy.

We can suggest to you 3 key techniques that are being used by brands to better the ROI,


Target your audience by making alliances with social media influencers. More specifically you may link up with a niche and small influencers for root exposure.

Create Engaging Content

Show what consumers want to see and hear from you. Tell them your success stories, product reviews, past ratings, live events, statistics, engage them well, and inspire them to buy. This will be more significant after the pandemic.

Selection of Products

'What the customer wants' becomes easy to identify following their social media footsteps. And this in turn makes the selection of products to display on social media no longer any ambiguity. So, businesses display only those products that the customer is interested in. In addition, customers will get only selected products.


In the digital world, Data is always useful years long. These are just numbers but help greatly in decision making and are amazing to analyze the trends and work accordingly. Shoppable content also makes data collection facile which emphasizes collecting data to fix the flaws and appreciate the wows.

According to author Michelle Thomas , Social media provides a wide scope of data analysis to anticipate future trends. Past patterns of consumers, hashtags used in posts, social media insights, etc all these areas provide data based on which the selection of products by the businesses become precise. Also, this data-driven approach is fruitful in the mutual benefit of consumers and businesses. For influencers, it is a win-win situation.


Advanced Technology and affordable internet have changed the scenario of eCommerce. From online shopping to Shoppable Content, everything is revolutionized. And this revolution is in the favor of both businesses and buyers around the corner of the world. Brands are getting their potential consumers whereas consumers are happy to get rid of the hefty process of purchasing from shopping websites.

Shoppable marketing is just the inception of next-level marketing and there is a lot more to see in this direction. Already the graph of sales is going up for Sellers while it shows significant changes in the buying habits of consumers. It will be interesting what will be the next big update from the eCommerce sector.

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