How To Host Your Bridal Party Like A Boss


One of the most exciting events before the big day is the bridal shower. It’s a fun occasion where the bride and her close friends and family members can spend some quality time together—indulging in good food and drinks while swapping stories. The bridal shower is also the perfect occasion for visitors to "shower" the bride-to-be with presents that she’ll keep for a lifetime or practical gifts that will help her create a home with her future spouse.

If this is your very first time becoming a bridesmaid or a maid of honor, with little to no experience hosting any event, let alone a bridal shower, there’s no need to worry! We’ve got your back. We’ve compiled below some bridal shower advice, from how to avoid being super stressed in the weeks leading up to the event to how to make it a memorable occasion!

Decide on a Budget

Before picking a menu or a theme, the first step in arranging any kind of event is settling on a budget.

Aside from bridesmaid dresses and hair and makeup, expect that the bridal shower will be part of your wedding expenses. Showers are generally paid for by the host, and while your initial reaction may be to go all out and spoil the bride, we recommend setting a budget that you can stick to without breaking the bank.

One thing we can guarantee is that she’ll be grateful no matter what.

Make The Theme Personal But Achievable

While it’s good to take inspiration from other bridal parties, don’t forget to create something unique and special for the bride-to-be. Think about her and her hobbies, passions, and preferences. Once you have those in mind, build from there.

If the event isn’t going to be a surprise, it’s best to always involve the bride. Seek her advice as needed to create something special for her, but also leave room for surprises.

Maybe she likes gardening. A secret garden theme would be an excellent choice. Decorate her celebration with baskets and bushels of flowers. Is the bride-to-be obsessed with everything that sparkles? Get the ladies dolled up in their fanciest outfits and decorate the whole venue with anything glittery. As for the gifts, you can’t go wrong with moissanite jewelry, handcrafted champagne flutes, or maybe even a wine subscription service.

You can even go for the more practical route, such as throwing a honeymoon-themed party where guests can gift the bride with a care package filled with accessories, clothes, and other things that will be a great addition to her first trip as a newlywed.

Invite Wisely

Another thing your bride should be involved in with the bridal shower is the guests you will invite. The goal here is to not invite who you want or who you think the bride wants.

You don't want to turn someone down because you didn't realize how close she is to her coworkers. Even worse, you wouldn’t want to invite someone she's not on good terms with. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask!

Plan The Dream Spread

Keep the theme in mind when coming up with a spread that is flavorful, stylish, and creative without going overboard.

If the bride loves barbecue, get brisket from her favorite smoker and round out the menu with condiments, biscuits, and sides from a nearby grocery store or prepare them at home. If she’s got a sweet tooth and desserts are her thing, consider savory versions of her favorite sweets—galettes and tarts are often just as tasty in savory form.

Remember that, at bridal showers, complete meals are not necessary. However, finger foods such as tea sandwiches and other hors d'oeuvres can keep guests satisfied.

Serve Specialty Drinks

Specialty drinks shouldn’t just be enjoyed on the bride’s big day! Find drinks that fit your theme and make sure to include some non-alcoholic options as well. If you're throwing a brunch bridal shower, why not have a fun mimosa bar?

Pro tip: pay a friend or a mixologist to serve their signature drinks and work a light bar. This way, instead of waiting in line for a drink, guests will be able to join in on the event’s activities.

Present Fun and Unique Activities

Offer activities that guests would actually enjoy in their own time, such as perfume creation, wine tasting, painting, or cupcake decorating, instead of making bridal dresses out of toilet paper.

For more dynamic activities, why not host a cocktail competition or bride and groom trivia?

Surprise Her With An Appearance From The Groom 

Grooms shouldn’t really attend the actual celebration, but getting a letter or video message from him for the party, or even organizing a quick visit, is a lovely way to highlight the main reason for the celebration—their upcoming wedding.

Give Out Favors That Guests Will Actually Want

Make the money worth it if you're going to do favors because most will just end up filling junk drawers. What you can do instead is splurge on properly feeding the party guests and delivering a memorable experience.

The real "favors" the guests should be taking with them home are the memories you’ve created. However, if you really want to give a little trinket, it’s best to stick with something personalized. Luggage tags and sunglasses are popular picks, but you can also look into DIY candles, lip balms, scrubs, and sheet masks.

Bridal Showers Are All About Having Fun

The key to a successful and memorable bridal party is when no one’s looking at their phones to check the time. It's a difficult task to undertake, but once you strike a balance between too little and too much, you'll be hosting this bridal shower like a boss in no time!

You don't need too many games and a three-course meal—all it really takes is proper planning and effective execution. Just read the room as you go, and don't forget to enjoy!

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