5 Best Shoes for Summer 2022 Fun


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During the summer, everyone comes out of hibernation and begins moving about like never before. Having the right foot protection during your adventures is essential for summer fun.

As the warmer months come rushing in, you may think about your shoe collection. Learning about the five best shoes for summer 2022 will help you plan your footwear wardrobe accordingly.

What Factors Should You Look for in a Summer Shoe?

From canvas sneakers to sandals, there are so many summer offerings. What should you look for in a pair of shoes for summer? Consider the following.

·       As the temperatures rise, your feet can become overly hot and sweaty, which leads to odors. To keep sweat at bay, look for breathable materials. Cotton sneakers and open-toed sandals help with the airflow.

·       Make sure the shoes are comfortable. No matter how cute they look, comfort is key. You will not want to walk on the beach or hot pavement in a pair of uncomfortable shoes.

·       If you plan on being near the pool or on the beach, choose waterproof shoes. Nothing ruins your day like soggy footwear. By wearing waterproof shoes, you can prevent blisters and bacteria growth.

·       Durability is also a critical factor to consider. Look for durable materials with rugged outsoles that will stand up to all you throw at them.

·       You should also ensure your summer shoes are flexible. Flexibility will lead to greater comfort and a lighter feel on your feet.

Best Shoes for Summer

Choosing the right shoe style is paramount for comfort and style. While people want to look good in their shoes, comfort is of even greater importance. The following are some of the best shoe types for summer.

Water Shoes

Water shoes are ideal for pool time and the beach. These shoes feature a rugged rubber bottom and a mesh top. The rugged bottom ensures your feet do not get burned by hot concrete or sand. The upper mesh ensures your feet dry out quickly after a dip in the pool. Mesh also ensures your feet have plenty of airflow.

Walking Shoes

Summer is all about minimalism. You will want a pair of walking shoes that easily slip on and off. Ideally, choose a slip-on walking shoe that has a mesh breathable top. Canvas is also a sound material because it is both breathable and durable.


Clogs are all the rage this summer and are even more popular than when they first arrived on the shoe scene twenty years ago. There are plenty of brands to choose from, including Crocs. Make sure the sole of the clog is stable and that there are plenty of openings for airflow. These shoes are great for summer because you can spray them with a hose to clean them easily.


Sandals are made for summer and can be worn by men, women, and children. When choosing a sandal, keep comfort and durability in mind. Sandals should have secure straps that keep them in place to prevent slips and falls.

Choose the Perfect Summer Shoes

Shoes are more important than looks alone. You should never sacrifice comfort for fashion. Thankfully, you do not have to give up your inner fashionista.

Today, shoe manufacturers are working to ensure they offer the latest styles and a high level of performance and safety. To choose the best shoes for summer, pick breathable materials that can go from water to dry land with ease.

Ideally, plan on purchasing a few different shoes for all your summer plans. The right shoe wardrobe will keep your feet protected this season.

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