Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Which navigation app is best?

Navigation apps like Google Maps and Apple maps are always helpful for exploring places, visiting businesses, and sharing directions. You can even track a cell phone number on Google Map and Apple Map. For Android users, Google maps are the only option for Navigation.

But, if for an iOS user, you have to choose between Google Maps and Apple Maps for some point. Both the apps have key differences regarding their tools, Navigation, and usage.

Google Maps and Apple Maps both work incredibly and have attracted hundreds of millions of users. You can even track Nevertheless, we will try to justify which navigation app works great for you.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Comparison

Both Google Maps and Apple maps have a lot to offer to their user base. But to find which is better and suits you the most, let's head out to a detailed comparison,

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Interface

Both Google Maps and Apple Maps have a very focused interface that is easy to use. Even Though the information they present is quite different from one another, Google maps has buttons and tools listed all over the map.

 You can use the search bar at the top to explore local businesses, and finding gas stations and cafes will be very convenient. Whereas, at the bottom of your google map, you can discover commute and research features, saved locations, news, and other multiple options for Google's Mapping Database.

Unfortunately, all these items will disappear if you press the middle of the screen if you want to see a neat map.

On the other hand, the Apple  Mapping app  focuses on keeping everything necessary in one place to make it more convenient.

 On your Apple map, You can find all the saved locations, history, and information about homes and businesses you explored if you go through the search bar. Fortunately, you will still find the search bar in the apple map unless you click on the places and remove it.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Privacy

Apple has attracted so many users due to its privacy features. Using apple maps ensures your security and privacy while navigating due to the Fuzzing process. Apple map will convert your exact location to imprecise after 24 hours to ensure safety.

The app will also not store any information regarding your searched or visited places. The data is stored on your phone's storage rather than on Apple's database; you can delete the info if you wish to.

However, using Google maps is less secure regarding privacy and vulnerability. All the information about places you navigate, search history, and other details will be stored on the Google maps used to make personalized Google ads.

 Regardless, measures are taken to stop you from being exposed to agencies and advertisers. However, in Google Maps, you will get Incognito Mode, limiting the saved information and keeping your location and search history private.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Platform

Apple has always been exclusive to its online product. You can only access Apple Maps if you use Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If you want to go for Google Maps, fortunately, you will be able to use it on iOS, Android, or even Windows devices.

 Google Maps will assist you well regardless of any device you use. Logging into a Google account with another device will sync all your data, including search history, visited businesses, and locations.

 Because of global reach and availability, Google Maps has the supremacy over Apple Maps in terms of total users.

Google Maps vs. Apple  Maps: Map Design

Apple Maps has a very minimalist approach to its maps. Apple doesn't show excess locations unless you zoom in all the way. In contrast, Google will show all the places even if you zoom in a bit.

Regardless of viewing surplus on display, sites, and business you are offered, you will get accurate results when searching landmarks, locations, or other places. Dark mode features can help you travel at night on both navigation apps. You will also get necessary details like lanes, crosswalks, signs, and further info on both apps.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Navigation

You will find a very small difference between Google Maps and Apple Maps in terms of Navigation. Both maps will assist you with the location and businesses you want to explore.

You can count your progress regarding distance, travel time, and many more. You will also be able to know the current conditions with routes, road traffic, etc. Both the apps will show alternate ways if your current path is congested.

You can generate directions if you walk, drive, or even visit by public transportation. We found out the primary route both apps offer is very much similar, whereas the second way was very different from one another.

The added advantage of Google Maps is that it allows you to add pit stops mid-route, unlike Apple Maps, which can help you for a more convenient journey. Otherwise, Google Maps and Apple maps are quite identical.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Unique Features

One of the best features of Google Map is offline mode. You can access locations and destinations if you are low on mobile data or WiFi networks, and you can download the entire map for your journey for offline usage.

On the other hand, Apple Maps' unique feature is integrated with Siri. You can Invoke Siri for assistance in your journey and even make voice adjustments on the route.

 Additionally, Apple Maps consumes relatively less data than Google Maps, which can be an added advantage if you are low on a data plan.


Google's data collection gives added advantages in improvements and user experience. But if you value your privacy, using Apple Maps will be a better idea. Unfortunately, Apple cannot go through your data to make improvements.

However, in terms of Navigation, both apps are almost identical, and both maps will perform well if you are looking for businesses, traveling, etc.

But overall, in terms of usage of Apple's accuracy, interface availability, and map design, it falls a bit behind Google Maps. Nonetheless, Both Maps are excellent navigation apps, you can choose any of them if you are an iOS user.

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