10 Best Escape Rooms in India for Kids

Escape room games are the newest fun-filled and exciting trend in town. Although the activity started off in Asia first, it took some time for the concept to gain ground in India. 

The concept of escape rooms began with John Wilson’s text-based game: Behind Closed Doors. The first modern, real-life escape room was created in 2007 in the city of Kyoto in Japan by a publishing company named SCRAP. Takao Kato was the designer of the room. Initially, the game was hosted across bars and restaurants in Japan (kind of like pop-up shops), where patrons played private sessions. Then the concept evolved to make way for public rooms where strangers could play together as a team as well. Now, SCRAP has escape experiences where more than thousands of players are accommodated within a large shared space!

Since the last decade, escape rooms have cropped up in almost every big city. In 2013, India’s first live escape room, Clue Hunt, was established in Bandra. And over time, other escape brands have diversified their experience with different approaches to the live-action escape game experience. For example, the escape room Breakout in Bangalore is Asia’s first movie-styled escape room. Currently, more than 100 mystery rooms are operating in India, and the numbers will only go up based on industry trends.

10 Best Escape Rooms in India for Kids

India is gaining ground as a profitable market for escape games, and why not, right? But hey, if you don’t know what escape games are about, here’s a brief explanation: Escape rooms (also known as puzzle rooms or mystery rooms) are usually live-action escape games where the players are locked inside a themed based room, and they must make their escape within a set time limit.

The players must form a group, and they will make their escape by figuring out clues and solving puzzles. They may also have to accomplish certain scenario-based tasks to become successful in that particular game. Usually, the time limit is an hour, but it might change depending on the game. The themes of the game room range from thriller, mystery, horror, science fiction, and much more. The best part about escape games is that they are perfect for all ages, especially kids.

India offers a large selection of fun and exciting escape room activities. But unfortunately, not every one of them is making a mark on the relevant industries like gaming, entertainment, recreation, and even tourism. So, here is the list of the ten best escape rooms in India that are perfect for kids: 

1.     Breakout Escape Rooms

Breakout Escape Rooms is hands down one of the top escape game franchises in India. Their Bangalore location is the most famous one, considering it is the main branch. This is India’s first movie-styled escape room and possibly the very first hyper-realistic escape game experience. This place offers a wide variety of escape room experiences, whether you like solving crimes like Sherlock Holmes or taking part in secret missions like a spy etc. Breakout Escape Rooms Promises a gripping adventure meant to thrill all ages but especially kids.

2.     Mystery Rooms

Mystery Rooms is another famous escape room franchise that offers several exciting games in multiple locations. The Mumbai Mystery Rooms venue provides an adventurous escape room experience with unique puzzles and clues hidden crafty inside the escape game room. This is perfect for kids who enjoy fun brain games while interacting with new friends.

3.     Clue Hunt

Clue Hunt, as stated before, was the first escape room experience in India. It is located in Mumbai as well. They have 11 game rooms in the city itself, and they all offer fun game rooms that will provide a new and exciting experience for your kids.

4.     Hidden Hour

Hidden Hour is also another escape game franchise, and their best location is the Gurgaon one. Hidden Hour is committed to providing an extravagant experience of the trendy escape room activity. This place is perfect for kids’ birthday parties, family outings, and even as a corporate outing place.

5.     Escape Cinemas

Escape Cinemas is the most revolutionary and unique escape game place on our list. This place is located in Chennai, and this is the city’s first multiplex escape room. They have eight screens focusing on different escape themes as well. This is one step further than a live-action escape room that will excite and delight kids a lot.

6.     Escape Reality

Escape Reality in Delhi provides a large social space for escape room activities. This is an ideal place for a live-action escape room activity but also perfect as a kid’s birthday party venue. The games are appropriate for all ages and provide something for everyone.

7.     Unlocked

Unlocked Escape Room in Gurgaon promises an immersive escape game experience ideal for family, friends, and even work colleagues. Their new and intriguing game: - Lionheart’s Mystery dealing with the paranormal theme, is already an anticipated aspect of their escape experience.

8.     Escapology India

Escapology India in Mumbai is constantly reinventing their escape room games in order to provide the best experience to its players.  Whether you go with your family, friends, or acquaintances, the place is sure to excite you with its intriguing puzzles and well-designed riddles. They offer gaming experience in groups of 4, so the experience is even more intimate.

9.     RoomEscape

RoomEscape in Goa is a crowd favorite. The games in this escape room are designed for small groups and prioritize using logic and reasoning over the physical search aspect of escape rooms. Perfect as a fun experience in the city for everyone but also suitable for unique events and social functions.

10.   GaminGalaxy

GaminGlaxy in Bangalore offers not only an immersive escape game experience but also provides laser tag games in their venue. The games are well-designed, and the puzzles are well-constructed to suit any of their available themes. This place is perfect for kids who are looking for something unique, and the laser tag works as an added bonus. 


This was our list of the 10 best escape rooms in India perfect for kids. The list is in no particular order except for the fact that they all strive to provide the best escape room experience for kids and adults alike.

Author Bio:  Aniya more is one of the brightest content writer at Breakout escape room. She is a passionate writer who loves to read books and explore different escape rooms. With a great work ethic, she spends most of her time researching and reading. When she is not working, she likes to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy watching her favorite tv show or walking her dog peanut. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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