Debunking The Top Graphic Design Myths That You May Believe

Since the introduction of the term “Graphic design” in the year 1922 by the famous illustrator, book designer, and typographer William A. Dwiggins, there has been an immense evolution in the way designs are created and approached.

Today, almost a century after, graphic designs have become an important factor that has a direct impact on the marketing and branding of a business. In fact, graphic designs are evolving day by day, thanks to the innovation and expertise of graphic designers across the world.

Even though graphic design has been a prominent tool in the marketing industry and has been used for a century now, there are still several myths that are making the rounds of the internet. These myths not only impact people from making informed decisions but prevent them from experiencing the benefits, too.

Below we have debunked a few graphic design myths for you to make an informed decision -

1. Graphic design is just about logos

While the logo is one of the biggest factors that distinguishes one business from another, that doesn’t mean the graphic design is only limited to making logos for brands.

Logos just act as a face for your brand; for successful marketing campaigns, you will need various designs that align with your industry, offerings, and services.

A professional graphic designer will help you create design templates that aren’t just appealing but ensure to convey the message you wish to transfer.

2. Graphic design is limited to offline or print mediums

We stepped into the digital age quite a few years ago. So, if you still think that graphic design is just limited to offline and print mediums, you are highly mistaken.

Social media, websites on the internet, newsletters that you receive through emails, and many other things - all have graphics in them, and all of these are available online. In short, graphic design is capable of covering all the mediums as long as you wish to use the services.

3. Graphic design is just aesthetics

No one, in their right mind, would want to create a design that is downright ugly or irrelevant to their business. This means aesthetics is definitely part of a graphic designing process. But, that isn’t the only objective for which graphic designs are used by businesses.

Graphic design can be used to create visually appealing content and deliver a relevant message to the audience at the same time. In fact, a clearly structured design can help you get the attention of your potential customers in the right place at the right time.

4. Graphic design doesn’t need a budget

Irrespective of your business's size, niche, etc., it is possible for you to use graphic design to help promote your brand, offerings, services, or anything you wish to promote. But, efficient and effective graphics are often created by professionals. These professionals might charge based on the project, hourly, or based on other factors.

It is worth noting that professionally designed graphics are going to cost you.

In short, if you wish to use visual elements to establish your brand name, you will require working with a professional and paying them for their efforts.

5. Graphic designers are just creative individuals

Even though graphic designers have a knack for creativity, that doesn’t mean they become one without undergoing any type of training.

Graphic design is a skill that needs to be learned over time. And in order to be in demand, the designers are required to hone their skills on a regular basis.

6. Graphic designers will know what you want

It is important to note that graphic designers are not mind-readers. They are just professionals who are doing what they are good at.

If you have a request or vision about what type of design you need, it is important to be upfront about your expectations. Also, be as precise as possible to ensure you have conveyed your expectations properly.

Over to you

So, were you believing in either of these myths? Well, isn’t it great that we were able to help you see through these myths!

With all the doubts cleared about graphic design, we are sure you must be looking forward to hiring a professional for your graphic design needs, right? In that case, L & D Mail Masters Inc is all you need.

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