What to knowledge for when hiring a professional real estate photographer

Suppose you are a real estate agent or realtor. In that case, you are likely familiar with the all-famous phrase "location, location, location," that many real estate professionals live by regarding the increase or decrease in value of identical homes due to location. While the site may be of great importance in the real estate industry, it's not the only feature that can make or break a sale. Real estate photography is the real deal "maker or breaker."

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of homebuyers rely on photos to help them decide. Additional studies show that professionally photographed homes sell over 30% faster than homes not professionally photographed. Based on those statistics, you must have a great team of professional real estate photographers, especially since most home buyers' initial interactions with homes are online. Having high-quality images and videos of properties will not only make your listings stand out, but they'll also help identify you as a good realtor or real estate agent.

Of course, tons of companies out there claim to be professional real estate photographers. So how can you ensure you're genuinely hiring a professional to capture the best features of your properties? Well, there are a few things you want to look for before hiring an experienced real estate photographer.


As the saying goes, "time is money," and you don't have time or money to waste on a photographer that produces poor quality work. Getting what you pay for doesn't necessarily mean that the more expensive a photographer is, the higher the quality of work you'll get, nor does it mean that a cheaper photographer will produce low-quality work. The best way to approach real estate photography costs is to look at different companies online, check out their portfolios, and compare their prices. Once you have checked out the other companies, you will want to call the companies you are interested in and explain what you are looking for in their services regarding the types of photos you want to capture in properties. This will give you a better idea of what that particular real estate photographer's cost will be and if they understand your vision.

Turnaround Development Time

Again, "time is money," and the sooner you can get your photos back to showcase your listing, the sooner you have the opportunity to earn your properties sold. 24 to 48 hours is a significant timeframe to receive your photos and videos back from the shoot. For fast turnaround times like that, the prices may be a bit higher but very much worth it, especially if the quality of the photos is everything you wanted and more. Content delivery like that can lead to the start of a beautiful business relationship!

Years of Experience

Ideally, you want to go with a real estate photography company with years of industry experience. It may seem like if a wedding photographer can take great photos, they should be able to take great pictures of properties, but that's not the approach you want to take. Hiring a photographer specializing in real estate will get you the best photos to engage your audience. You can ask the photographer how long they've been in the industry. Still, you also want to do your research and check the quality of their past work, as it will tell you a lot about their experience.

Copyright Infringement Terms/Image Use

Before signing the dotted line with a real estate photography company, you want to make sure you have a complete understanding of their terms of usage and copyright infringement policies. Some companies have restrictions on how and when their photos can be used. You can check their website under the terms of use category or call and ask directly what their terms are.

Clearing Understanding of the Market

As a realtor or real estate agent, you want to work with a photography company that knows what's currently going on in the real estate market of your selling area and the features that potential home buyers are most interested in. A photography company that is aware of these features will be able to capture them to make them stand out and truly entice potential buyers. From lighting and angles to drone technology, these skills and pieces of equipment are qualities you can expect in an experienced real estate photographer who has a clear understanding of the market.

Do not Just Hire Any Photographer.

A potential homebuyer's first interaction with a home is viewing it online. The quality of the photos of a property reflects the type of realtor or real estate agent you are, and the more excellent the images or videos are, the faster and closer you are to selling a property. Of course, to sell your properties with quality photos and videos, you can't go with just any photography company you come across.

You'll need to take the time to look for things like years of experience, understanding of the market, and more. Working with a quality real estate photographer can make or break a property's sale. To capture the best features of your residential or commercial properties through impeccable photography and videography, get in contact with 615 Media today! If you are a fan of the card game genre on Avalanche and BSC, here are the names that you cannot miss out

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