18 reasons to install a home security system

Should I be investing in a home security system? As a house owner, you may ask yourself this often. With the increase in crimes in today's time, we all want our family's safety, no matter what.

Many factors are tied to getting a home security system, like installing, disarming, paying monthly fees, timely servicing, and dealing with false alarms.

But is all this worth searching for "alarm companies near me"?

Research suggests that a house without a security system is more likely to have a break-in than a house with security systems installed.

This blog will discuss why you need to install a home security system.

1 - Protection

The most simple yet important reason is to protect your family and valuables. The mere presence of a security system can keep intruders away.

In some cases, a burglar might knowingly or unknowingly try to enter a home with families inside.

In these times, the system can alarm the family, and they can move to a safe place while the authorities are being informed.

You can also save yourself from losing valuables, cash, or any expensive item to a burglar. A security technique offers the safety of your house, belongings, and your mental peace.

2 - Remotely monitor

You can now remotely monitor your home from your phone. Modern security systems allow you to log in through your computer or smartphone and access them immediately.

These systems can be remotely armed or disarmed, monitor cameras, watch the motion detectors, and even control the thermostat.

Now you can watch everything happening at your house through your phone. This provides you with a feeling of ease and security.

3 - Decreases crime

As the number of security systems increases, the rate of crime decreases. When you have a security system, it not only stops your home from getting robbed but also helps in making the neighborhood safe.

A security system alarms authorities, making it more likely that the criminal will be caught. Modern security cameras record the robber in action, giving you evidence against them. The video footage also helps in determining what is lost.

Security systems are a great weapon against crime.

4 - Protect your home from fire

An alarm system provides barriers that go beyond just robbery. You might rely on a smoke alarm to alert you during a fire breakout, but a security system offers an early warning system.

A monitored system will warn the occupants of the smoke and let you know the heat source. They contact the authorities on your behalf and ensure the fire is controlled.

Time is the most significant factor in any emergency, and a security system enables you to stay ahead of bad times.

5 - Keep a tab

The biggest perk of installing a security system can be keeping an eye on your house even when you are away. You can exercise control over your house anywhere.

It is a sensible choice to ensure no funny business happens in or around your home.

6 - Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning

Home amenities like gas stoves, burning wood, or heating systems can emit carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas.

Carbon monoxide detectors can detect this.

These devices resemble smoke detectors and can be installed easily. This detector can alarm the authorities or paramedics to control CO poisoning. Making it part of your security system can help you in emergencies.

7 - Helps with monitoring

One of the biggest positives of having a security system is to have someone monitor your house on your behalf. This means when you are away for work or a vacation, you don't need to worry about the security of your house.

These services track significant events and dispatch help as needed.

The security system responds to alarms triggered by events like natural disasters, fire breakouts, robbery, carbon monoxide leaks, or anything else. Without monitoring by the company, these events can be tragic and worse than they already are.

A home security system helps you monitor your house no matter where you are.

8 - You can save on homeowners insurance

In most cases having homeowners insurance is mandatory. The cost of this insurance depends upon location, payment plan, type of house, etc.

A homeowners policy is designed to cover losses incurred due to any tragic event.

The cost of homeowners insurance might not be taken into consideration by new homeowners, but you can reduce it significantly by installing home security.

You can lower it up to 20%. This, combined with instant access to police and emergency dispatchers, makes security systems a too good to be true deal.

9 - Controlled power consumption

One of the most important reasons for security surveillance is to ensure low electricity consumption. With a system installed now, you can control how much electricity your house uses.

You can ensure that you have not left a light on or any appliance running. You can shut down any unnecessary light/appliance and manage your home's heat or air conditioning with remote monitoring.

10 - Get medical assistance when needed

Many security system companies install emergency cords or pendants to serve people with medical conditions.

These devices come into play during an emergency where an individual can pull the cord or press a button and have emergency aid reach them immediately.

These services can be of help to the elderly and their children, and those with special needs.

Although this feature is not standard, it can be installed by paying a fee.

11 - Protect your pets

If you are worried about your furry friend when you are away at work or on vacation, security systems help you in remote monitoring them.

 Through cameras, you can ensure they are okay and not in trouble.

You can call emergency services to help them if you find any problem.

12 - Secure the unsecured places

Home security systems will allow you to secure even the less frequented house areas. Places like the basement or garage, which can serve as a great entry point to robbers, can be secured by installing cameras or motion detectors.

Make sure no area of your home goes unnoticed by security.

13 - Don't depend on neighbors

Now you don't have to depend on a friend or a neighbor to look out for you when you are away from home. There are fewer chances of human error when a security system is installed.

14 - Affordable

Gone are the days when it used to cost a fortune to install security systems. It is possible to put in a system without worrying about the cost. Several companies you can find near you can give you a plan that will suit your budget.

You can customize what you wish to install according to your need.

15 - Increase your home value

When you sell your home, a security system is a valuable asset. By installing a security system, you will increase your house's value. As a bonus, it will secure your home throughout the selling process when strangers are in and around it.

16 - Make your house smart

Now you can promote automation with the help of this system. Security system companies now offer home automation services and interactive services. You can make your house a smart house seamlessly.

You can control door locks, thermostats, etc. all of which can be put on a schedule customized by you.

17 - Timed Lighting

Having timed lighting is an intelligent way to live. You can turn on the lights while you are away for a vacation to mask an empty home. Or you can turn your lights on while you are pulling into the driveway. Alternatively, you can turn them off if you forget before you leave.

18 - Peace of mind

The most crucial factor in installing alarm systems is having peace of mind. Knowing that a system is installed to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones is a great feeling.

While being away at work or on vacation, you know there is no need for you to stress about the security of your house.

When you are at home, you can relax knowing that the system will inform you if there is any emergency or bad situation. You are safeguarded from theft and will know if a disaster arrives in no time.

A security system's sense of security and safety makes it well worth the investment.

To sum up,

Installing a security system at your house will add a layer of comfort and security. It is a great way to save your home from theft and potential intruders.

Whether you own a house or rent it, add a security system to ensure you live a safe and happy life.

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