How Can Businesses Offer Consistently Great Customer Service Amidst the Pandemic


During the pandemic, there have been many changes in customer service. The most obvious one is that employees cannot work at their workplace because of the quarantine, leading to a significant drop in productivity.

Another is how customers are now being asked to provide more information when dealing with customer service teams because of increased security measures requiring identity verification.

All these are significant changes that have happened because of COVID-19. This article aims to help you navigate how to offer consistent customer service amidst the pandemic.

How to Provide Stellar Customer Service During the Pandemic

1.    Focus on creating connections

Creating connections is essential for businesses to provide great customer service during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a business, you must ensure that your customers are happy. They must feel they are being taken care of wherever they are in the world. Their loyalty can easily go elsewhere if they do not feel supported.

Connecting with your customers is beneficial not only for them but also for you. It can lead to increased sales and more profits for your company. Customers who feel their needs are being met will be more likely to buy from you or refer others to your business.

2.    Understand that customers’ needs change

Customer service is all about meeting the customer's needs, and as customers' lives and goals change, so must their expectations for what they need from a business. If a company is not paying attention to how its customers are changing, then it is more likely to lose them.

Moreover, suppose a company is not paying attention to how its customers change and respond appropriately. In that case, it may miss out on growth opportunities because of outdated practices.

If you continue offering services or products your customers no longer need or want. Then, you will not be able to incentivize consumers to continue using your services or buying your products.

3.    Focus on customer retention

Customer retention is important because it helps businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Identify your customers’ pain points and develop creative ways to reach them.

In a normal year, businesses focus on acquiring new customers through advertising, sales promotions, and social media. But during this pandemic, when people are afraid to leave their homes and are concerned about how to get food delivered, it is more important for businesses to go online and focus on retaining their current customers.

If you can keep your current customers happy and engaged with your business, then there's a good chance they will continue buying from you even if they cannot come in person.

4.    Take advantage of online platforms

Businesses should take advantage of online platforms to offer great customer service during the COVID-19 pandemic because it is a way to improve the customer experience and help you stand out from your competitors.

In the past, it was common for businesses to provide their customers with access to live chat or phone support 24/7. However, with more and more people turning to social media for answers, many businesses have struggled to keep up with demand.

Creating a Facebook group or Instagram account can help you connect with customers and answer questions quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) customer service systems can take over many of the repetitive tasks involved in providing customer service—not just the ones that are easy to automate but also those that require human intuition.

It is not just about making life easier for employees; it is about saving time and money while giving customers a better experience.

5.    Create value and establish trust

In today's business environment, companies are constantly competing for the attention of their customers. While the COVID-19 pandemic is a new factor in this competition, it makes sense that companies should still be striving to provide great customer service.

Good customer service means businesses create value and establish trust with their customers. It helps them deliver better products and services and maintain a good reputation.

When you can deliver great customer service during the pandemic, you go above and beyond what's expected of you as a business owner or manager. It can lead to increased customer loyalty, which will help you grow your business over time.


Ultimately, businesses need to realize that they cannot always use the excuse of a global pandemic to explain why their customer service is lacking. If they fail to provide great customer service and the customer perceives it as poor, they will not see the pandemic as an acceptable rationalization.

Good quality services are infectious and will increase repeat customers. Do not let a pandemic force you to lower your standard of services. Conversely, it would be best if you raised a business standard. Take the time to develop a proper structure that revolves around your customers, and the tips above are a great starting point.


Trevor Michael

Customer Contact Industry Specialist 

Author Bio:

Trevor Michael is a Customer Contact Industry Specialist of Select VoiceCom, an inbound call center with telemarketing and IT support services. He has operated successfully within this niche industry for over ten years across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. He enjoys writing, golf, and going to social events.

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