Inspiring Corporate Social Responsibility Examples That are Worth Checking Out

In this modern era, businesses are responsible for their practices and how they impact the environment and society. CRS, or corporate social responsibility, has transformed into a consumer-driven demand from being a respected business practice. The corporate

social responsibility model will outline how a business can easily be responsible to its stakeholders, staff members, the public, and local and global settings. When you implement a CSR model, it will do a lot more than help society and the environment. It will also positively impact your business’s reputation.

People these days are becoming much more socially conscious, for they wish to prioritize all those businesses that keep their concentration on social responsibility. CSR practices can surely help boost employee morale because the employers and the employees will gain a sense of purpose in their work. Once you learn all the effective ways to implement the CSR model, you will get to know its importance.

Types of Corporate Social Responsibility Examples

To have a good understanding of CSR and also the CSR business model, the following CSR examples will surely inspire you.

1.     TenTree [Community and Tree Planting Projects]

Founded in 2012, TenTree is a Canadian clothing company with corporate social responsibility embedded within its business model. The company does it by planting ten trees whenever they sell. When customers purchase from them, they receive a code.

They can use the code on the company’s official website to track down the places where all the trees are getting planted, ranging from Madagascar to Canada to Nepal. Wherever they plant trees, the company takes up community projects for all good causes, such as sustainable development, drinking water, job creation, education, and many more.

2.     Patagonia [Environmental and Sustainability Impact]

This American outdoor clothing company was launched back in 1973. Patagonia is widely known as the trailblazers of CSR, and they view themselves as an "ACTIVIST FIRM." The primary focus of this company is climate change problems. They lessen their environmental impact by:

·      Reducing and repairing their carbon footprint

·      Working with renewable energy

·      Encourage the clothing longevity

Patagonia also imposes an “EARTH TAX” on themselves as they donate 1% of all their sales to environmental non-profits.

3.     BNP Paribas [Employee Giving and Volunteering]

This is one of the leading European banks, which is located in Switzerland, and it has been active since 1872. BNP Paribas has countless CSR initiatives that have been going on for the past several years, but they started to develop a lot with Alaya.

Besides that, employee solidarity and engagement are central pillars of BNP Paribas' CSR tactic. To develop this particular pillar, they provide all employees with 16 hours or two working days for volunteer initiatives.

Currently, the company has reached 40% of employee participation and has solidified its position as a socially responsible player within the financial sector. They integrate employee aspiration and purpose within their business’s fabric.

4.     Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company ranks high on the list of most successful CSR initiatives. The company believes that the thing that has the "DISNEY" name on it is something they are responsible for. The company always acts responsibly, which has been its main priority. On the other hand, Disney constantly looks for innovative but alternative ways to lessen its environmental impact.

In 2009, the company determined to reach all the environmental targets. Being a part of the CSR tactic, the Walt Disney Company offered all the philanthropic giants over $75 million to protect the plant and save wildlife. Disney’s long-term objective is to reach a “ZERO” state of net waste and the greenhouse gas commissions. They also cut down their emissions in half back in 2020.

They also reduced their net emissions by 44% in 2018 and diverted 54% of their incineration and waste. In 2020, they were to divert the waste and incineration by 60%, which was their ultimate goal. They also published their targets, which kept their customers, their shareholders, and also themselves account. Here are the corporate social responsibility projects of Disney:

·      Lessen all the environmental impact by running all the resort trains on biodiesel, which is created from the recycled cooking oil from hotels and eateries.

·      Awards grants to all the non-profit companies for their environmental conservation effort from the Disney Conservation Fund.

·      Increasing the population of at-risk wildlife with the help of conservation projects. These projects help animals, which include tigers, sharks, sea turtles, rhinos, monkeys, butterflies, and apes.

5.     Woolworths

This is a massive supermarket chain from Australia, which was founded back in 1924. The company recently made an announcement that they will separate from their investment within the pokies business. This is something that has been costing all the Aussies billions of dollars each year. The pokies machines are designed to induce addictive tendencies, and over 300,000 Australians are addicted to these machines.

The company's investment in pokies machines and wagering has been pretty beneficial for the wallet but risky regarding reputation. Social media callouts and protests on this problem have significantly increased, for which Woolworths decided to move out. After listening to all the public demands, the supermarket chain decided to make an optimistic impact on society.

The decision will be expensive to the company’s net income, but it will show their commitment to all their social values. This is a trait that is admired and expected across the globe these days.

One Last Thought

CSR, or corporate social responsibility strategy, has become extremely crucial in today’s digital era. Many businesses want a CSR strategy that can help them have a positive impact on the environment. If you wish to participate in projects that will benefit society and its surroundings, you need help from companies like Light Money. The company utilizes sourced data from all the well-known and values-aligned Academic programs and NGOs. They also use data that can be accessed by the public easily.

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