Boost Your CRM With the Integration of a Call Management Solution

One of the most important factors influencing client satisfaction is customer support, and a strong reliable call management system determines customer service. 

Call Management

Call Management App is the core driving force of processes and systems for the calling and sales department that handle Incoming and Outgoing calls. Call management uses an efficient system to track calls, collect valuable data, and place calls at the right numbers. A call management system helps you manage and optimize your business calls. The health of the sales reflects the wealth of any company. Sales and calling teams of SMEs, medium size and big enterprises use call management systems. Effective use of calling systems is one of the key tools that teams use in the sales process. Thus a tele-calling CRM serves as an important component in the sales strategy along with sales operations and lead management. If you are looking for genuine call-centre CRM, call management CRM, outbound call-centre CRM, live call tracking, and call recording software locally or globally, the ease of integration should be considered. The most recommended application is GSM-enabled, SIM-based call management CRM.

Having a call management system in place helps enhance the on-call experience of your customers. It enhances the relationship between the two and acts as a catalyst to strengthen the growth of businesses.

Benefits of Call Management

The main goal of connecting your CRM and your business phone system is to improve your efficiency. Integrating communication tools and CRM frees your employees from switching between apps to call clients. Also, you can optimize outbound calls by integrating your office phone system and customer relationship management CRM software.

Some of the key benefits include:

·       Enhanced customer service

·       Optimized agent efficiency

·       Tracking of missed and dropped calls

·       Enhanced Performance Management

·       Reduced overheads

When your CRM is integrated with your call management system, you get easy access to customer data, allowing you to track all interactions through the various channels you connect with customers. With important customer information at hand, you can provide better customer service and make more informed decisions about serving your customers better.

Integration of CRM

Integrating a call management system with a CRM allows you to activate the click-to-dial feature directly in your CRM interface instead of manually dealing with customer phone numbers. This way, your call agents can reach your customers or prospects faster, and as a result, misdialing is reduced as it is automated.

Call Management CRM can provide a complete process experience when seamlessly integrated with Field and Sales CRM. This call management CRM allows you to capture customer information during calls and record all calls and ensures real-time management reporting. You will also be equipped to continue your call management function effectively.  

The next-gen platform for powerful calling solutions on your mobile is now a reality. It is a modern mobile CRM app with a complete calling solution for your outbound and telesales, tele-calling, and telemarketing teams. Being simple, SIM-based call management CRM is ready to set up, yet affordable and easily incorporated into your call centre business.

Built with a refreshing new approach to managing the outbound sales and tele-calling process.

The RUNO SIM-based call management solution is a light version mobile app that does not demand huge resources like servers, laptops, and even dialers and PRI (Primary Rate Interface). The revolutionary mobile app, RUNO, changed the way the tele-calling field and sales processes were run. It has several built-in features that make it truly stand out from other mobile-based CRMs.

By adopting this mobile-based business outbound calling CRM and sales CRM, your team can be more capable of running call management tasks effectively. RUNO Outbound Call Centre CRM also integrates seamlessly with our field and sales CRM to provide a complete process experience. Integration of your common work apps, including WA, Google Calendar, email providers, key resources, and more, is easily possible with the RUNO app via smart APIs. From business calls to meetings to emails, every interaction and every prospect can be tracked until closing with real-time management reporting. This app provides a way to meaningfully review customer interaction history with calls, emails, and WhatsApp.

What makes RUNO unique is that it offers the world's No. 1 SIM-based call management CRM. Industry benchmarks indicate that an average cost per call, including operational costs, is anywhere from $2.70 - $5.60, which in many cases is about half of the total cost of order fulfilment. From a business perspective to the plug-and-play nature of the app, the off-front investment is virtually zero. Moreover, the low recurring cost frees you from expensive investments, which is 1/5th of the existing solutions.

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