Is it possible to cancel health insurance after the term?

Do you want to cancel your health insurance and the deadline has passed? We tell you how you can do it and the consequences of carrying out this operation. Read here carefully and we will clearly explain the options available to you if that is your case.

Reasons to cancel health insurance

The reasons for canceling health insurance are varied, it will depend on the situation and the point of view of each one. And they do not have to be caused by customer dissatisfaction with their insurer. It could be due to a breach of contract by the insurance company, or because the insured is not satisfied with the professional response of the insurance company; but it can also respond to a different vital approach; a monetary reason, as an obligatory saving in case of financial difficulties; or simply a better offer regarding the price of the premiums or the quality and quantity of coverage by the competition.

Everyone may have their reasons for making this decision, which we are not going to get into, far from it. Of course, if you have thought about not renewing your health insurance, here we provide you with information and advice in this regard.

What is the deadline to cancel health insurance?

It is the crux of the matter, when to cancel health insurance. It will be necessary to know the conditions contracted by the insurer, but we can tell you that in 99% of cases the products are renewed annually and with regard to medical insurance, the decision must be communicated to the insurance company at least one month in advance before the expiration of the annuity. Generally, this coincides with the end of the year -that is, every December 31-, but it does not have to be that way, so we will have to be very attentive to know when the term ends in our case.

Typically, we must send a letter to the insurer, either by mail or online, in which we explain that we want to unsubscribe. Be very careful, yes, with sending it after the deadline, which could cause us to continue as clients -against our wishes- for at least one more year. We will also have to pay attention to receive proof of receipt from the insurance company, whatever the means of communication we have chosen.

How to cancel a health insurance after the term?

Before that, the initial question would be... can I cancel health insurance after the deadline? And, if this is possible, how to cancel a health insurance after the deadline?

The only way in which health insurance can be canceled after the deadline is in the event of non-compliance with the obligations that the insurer has contracted. For example, not having informed the client sufficiently in advance of changes in the policy such as the price of premiums or coverage.

The insurance company must notify its insured at least two months in advance before the end of the term about the changes it determines. If you have not done so, the interested party should be able to cancel your insurance after the deadline without problems.

What should you do in this case? Communicate that you want to cancel the insurance after the deadline for not having been informed in time of the changes in the policy. The entity, for its part, must analyze your request and verify if this is true before canceling the insurance contract, also returning to the client the money that has been improperly charged if this were the case.

Can I extend the cancellation period of my health insurance?

This option is not possible, unless there is a specific clause in the particular policy that we sign with the insurer that refers to this possibility, and that must be reflected in the insurance contract agreed upon and signed by both parties. But as a general rule, the term to cancel the health insurance ends one month before the end of each contractual period.

What happens if I have missed the health insurance cancellation deadline?

We have already offered an answer to the question that many people ask: how to cancel the health insurance if I have missed the deadline without consequences. And it can only be achieved in the event of default by the other party, the insurer.

If this is not the case, the best thing will be to stay one more season and pay what corresponds to us. If we do not do so, the ones who will have breached the contract will have been us, exposing ourselves to penalties from the company or joining its list of defaulters, with the damage that this may entail.

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