Plant-based meal delivery services in the USA

When we create meals sourcing our plant ingredients, we call them plant-based meals. Plant-based and vegan foods are a booming segment of the food industry. Owing to an increase in diseases like diabetes, obesity, etc., this industry witnessed growth. People now need to consume a nutritious, nourishing diet regularly. Moreover, the concern for animal welfare is soaring among the people of North America. As a result, in the USA, plant-based meal delivery has increased. This is especially true in Southern California, particularly Los Angeles and San Diego. Although the plant-based food industry is booming, the premium pricing of food items is one of the setbacks. In short, this is one of the aspects holding back the market growth. Especially across the nations with low per-capita income.

What is meant by plant-based meals?

A plant-based diet is synonymous with a vegan diet. On the contrary, a section of the population sees all vegetarian food items as plant-based meals. In short, you will eliminate or cut down animal food intake. A plant-based meal delivery service may deliver entrees that consist of lentils, legumes, nuts, whole grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits, beans, and herbs. These meals do not contain readymade ingredients containing added preservatives and stabilizers.

Benefits of being on a plant-based diet

A few of the benefits of going on a plant-based diet are as follows -

·      Studies say that people who intake plant-based meals are less prone to obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, etc.

·      It also lowers your body mass index, preventing chronic diseases. As a result, you rarely come across cancer patients among people who are following a plant-based diet.

·      The nutrition and nourishment derived from it are unquestionably high. Plant-based meals rank the highest regarding vitamins, minerals, and fiber content. Vegetables and fruits contain starch (complex carbohydrates) and water content.

·      Furthermore, with an increase in the plant-based food demand, there is a potential for growth in arable land and a reduction in GHG gasses.

·      Also, you can prevent the risk of neurological disorders like dementia and cognitive impairment, according to scientific reports.

How to choose a plant-based meal delivery service?

Plant-based meal delivery services offer carefully curated, plant-based entrees and sides stacked with nutrition. Most of them offer customizable subscription plans which target diverse dietary requirements. Some are oriented towards being gluten-free, whereas some are ideal for weight loss. Usually, they offer meals under two categories: prepared meals and meal kits.

The factors which you should consider are as follows –

Standard of the food offered - You should have a look at the catalog and brood over the points related to the types of ingredients. A few of them are as follows -

·      Do you want to ensure that all the ingredients used are vegan? Because there are plant-based meal delivery services that use ingredients extracted from animals, such as cow milk. If you want to go pure vegan, look for services that make every ingredient from plant-based alternatives. E.g., there are plant-based meal delivery services that prepare oat, almond, etc. milk and use them as substitutes for cow milk.

·      Are you looking for food curated as per Ayurveda? Nowadays, there is a trend of having herbal shots. So, there are meal delivery services which are offering ayurvedic shots. They contain a

·       plethora of nutrients.

·      If you are allergic to certain ingredients, you should look for delivery services that offer allergy-friendly meals.

·      After that, you can choose whether to look for services that offer breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or else, you are looking for the ones which offer all of them.

They vary their menu seasonally to keep up with what Mother Nature is offering, so the recipe development process constantly attempts to deliver you wonderful, nutritious meals.

Varieties on the menu - Decide based on the variety of ingredients present and the flavor of the meals. Look at whether the service has a scope of modification in the meals. Also, consider whether the services are offering add-on items.

Location - Check whether the services offer delivery services in your area and ensure they are available in your city. In the USA, not every plant-based delivery service is accessible across the country. Hence, it would be best if you chose accordingly before signing in.

Café Gratitude - Plant-based/Vegan meals delivery services

Commenced in 2004, Café Gratitude started its plant-based meal delivery in San Diego in 2015. They offer a chef-curated detox program besides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the ingredients comprise items sourced directly from organic farms.

Café Gratitude delivers meals twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday, if you choose the 6-day plan. On the contrary, they deliver meals weekly if you choose the 3-day plan. Further, the expenses are USD 126 for the 3-day and USD 225 for the 6-day plan. Local deliveries take place in the evenings.

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