The best apps to recover Wifi passwords

The internet today has become an irreplaceable need, the addiction and the need or rather the dependence that we have reference to the internet is so great that this could truly be something very dangerous. Dangerous due to the fact that we are so immersed in the internet that if we were to lose a key it would be a complete disaster for us.

For this reason, this time we bring you the best applications to recover our Wi-Fi passwords, and in this way, be always connected to the information superhighway. We caution that these tools could also serve other darker purposes such as unethical or evil hacking. In any case, this will be left to the choice of each one of you, my dear users.


If you want to verify for sure if your network is secure and you want to know in detail each of the different characteristics of your network, WPSApp is the perfect application for it. With this utility you will be able to see at a glance the most important elements of your Internet connection, without having to be an expert or have any degree in networks.wifi

The application is de facto divided into two fundamental options: Networks and devices, in the networks tab we can see all the networks that surround us, including of course your network and the security and encryption characteristics of each of them. Here you can connect to the networks as long as you have their password or have activated the protection of a single button.

In the devices window you can see the devices connected to your network and view the device type and address. Being able to remove or throw whoever you want from the network.

This application is excellent for recovering or cracking passwords for networks that have WPS encryption, it has a tremendously simple interface that is very user-friendly. Based on this very visual interface we can see that a green color will mean that the Apps will be able to decrypt the password of said network and a red color will mean that it will not be able to access the password of said Wi-Fi network.

In short, we say that it is an application that is worth installing and trying, for sure it will not disappoint us and it will save our lives on more than one occasion, try to write down its name for when you need it.


how to change the wifi keyThis application basically allows us to verify if our access point is vulnerable in the WPS protocol, the application can also carry out this verification with any other network, but from this website we recommend doing it only with our personal network.

It is noteworthy that we must have our device "'rooted'" and we must also additionally install the "busybox" application. Of course it is not limiting but the effectiveness will not be the same without these aforementioned variables.

Basically, this App also allows us to see the network security key of all the networks to which we have previously connected from our terminal with the android operating system.

Excellent application for android and with which we can decipher any Wi-Fi password, we must run the application and select the network and then click on the No personalized PIN.

Wps Wpa Tester Premium

Free Wi-FiWps Wpa Tester is an App that can normally tell us if our network is vulnerable to the WPS protocol, by being able to tell us this information about our network it can also do it with anyone.

Through this application we can obtain passwords from Wi-Fi networks that have WPS vulnerabilities. To achieve its purpose, this application uses 4 algorithms in charge of effectively searching and calculating the PIN of the router that is in charge of distributing our internet signal, logically by being able to do this operation with our router it is also possible to do it with a neighboring router, but this option is left to the consideration of each one of the users, here we simply recommend doing it with our personal Wi-Fi network.

Router keygen

how to use free wifi This is another excellent tool to get those wifi passwords that we need or that we have lost by mistake. This application is capable of obtaining passwords from many brands of routers so that we can easily navigate the Internet. This application is compatible with many brands of routers including Verizon, Pirelli Discus, FiOS and many others.

We must verify these compatibility marks since it is necessary that the brand of the router to be violated must be compatible with this application. The application is very easy to use, we just have to open it and select the network to which we want to connect and start scanning the networks close to our device.

In just a few minutes we will have the password of the network to violate, after this we will simply have to copy it and connect to the Wi-Fi network to enjoy the internet.

We must be aware and clarify that this tool is extremely useful for obtaining network passwords, but that we should never use it with bad intentions. Remember that in the end it is a theft and it is a private connection that does not belong to us.

Wifi password recovery 4.1 for Android how to steal wifi

This android application was developed to recover our default passwords for our Wi-Fi networks. It is ideal for situations such as a change of router. It is also possible to use this tool for the efficient audit of our Wi-Fi networks, and of course to achieve deficiencies in their security, it also shows us or indicates the dead zones of our Wi-Fi networks.

This requests that we have a micro sd or sd card (depending on the model of our terminal), this is because the application creates some files and by default the application saves these files only on the memory card. This App has integrated support for at least 3 dozen routers, among which are the most common and best-selling worldwide. So it is almost certain that your router will be among those that this application can test to recover your password.

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