The Parent's Guide: Is Discord safe for kids?

Is Discord safe for kids? According to the English language dictionary "Discord means disagreement", but in technical terms 'Discord' refers to an application with the chat channel for video games. Kids can have a voice or text chat while enjoying their favorite online games. It allows the children to communicate with the co-participants and have the most fun. If the guys don't agree with each other on this common chat platform, then there are disputes between them and ultimately unwanted bullying. The common meaning and the technical term of "Discord" are interrelated under the same curtain. This app is popular and discord ceo jason citron net worth is between $1.8 to $3 million.      

Why do kids like Discord and what is the age limit?

This Voice over IP (VoIP) application is the favorite platform of most of the children for the following reasons:

      Meet Friends: Discord helps kids find friends with the same frequency and attitude. As they play they make friends and keep up with them every time they connect to the games. In general, everyone knows that children mix with other children if they have something in common. Here children can do it.

      Effective plays: The communication between the participants while playing makes the game interesting. Children begin to feel reality in games while talking with the partner. Children share all their moves in the game with their peers to win the games. This sense of realism gives children immense pleasure. Discord app has become the favorite tool for kids who like to play online games on the server.

      User-friendly interface: Kids handle Discord optimally without any help. The options built into this tool are more likely to be accessible and identifiable. Children love to use this application for its great convenience. The Discord app is not complex or technical as it is a toy-like product to persuade kids quickly. Thus, it has won the hearts of children. The minimum age to use the Discord app is 13 years or older. Discord has restricted the age limit as per the terms and conditions of the cyber team. Children over the age of thirteen are supposed to play the server and it is the appropriate age to use this application.

Is Discord safe for children?

Do you think Discord is safe for children? It is safe when used under adult supervision. At all times parents or any adult may not accompany children when accessing Discord. So ultimately it becomes unsafe if kids use the app unsupervised.

According to the research, the children in the study from all over the world connect to the server to play games and access Discord from their device to have a fun game-related chat. Here children of different origins and ages meet on this common platform. Their conversation can sometimes veer off to unrelated topics and can eventually end in a fight. This situation leads to cyberbullying.

Is Discord safe? No, this app is not safe for kids and it will cause them unnecessary cyber trouble in the future. It is the sole responsibility of parents to protect their children from this situation. Make the accessibility of the Discord app secure by using remote monitoring measures.

The Dark Side of Discord

      It has no official verification of age. When kids sign up for the Discord app there is no proper procedure to check their age. A poor verification process makes it easy for children under the age of 13 to enter this chat platform.

      Possibility of chats related to adult content: Children can communicate in adult chats like sex, porn, etc. It poses a great threat to innocent minds. The constant use of this chat platform becomes an addiction for young people. Discord app becomes addictive app for kids.

      Cyberbullying: When communication between children is controversial, bullying occurs. There is a high risk of profanity, unethical speaking, etc., which can happen at any time.

      Children can roam: In this application, children can roam the server and easily access rude and offensive language. There is no option to restrict user input to another forum. Users can view all available threads in this app without any difficulty.

      A quick flash of search-free adult content: Kids don't need to search for adult content instead of lewd words with porn images appearing within 15 minutes of their login. This scenario is very dangerous for those under 18 years of age. This application facilitates access to sexual content.

How to make sure your child is safe on discord?

      Supervision: Parents must accompany children when accessing the Discord app. You can see your children's activities and help them avoid Discord issues through proper guidance.

      Create Awareness: You can talk to your kids about the pros and cons of Discord and let them know about the darker side of these apps. Educating children leads to prudent use of the application.

      Check Privacy Settings on Discord: You need to make some changes to the Discord app settings. In the user settings, go to the Privacy and Security option and check the "Keep me safe" box to block unrelated content. You can use the "Who can add me?" to prevent unknown players from adding you as friends.

      Monitor child's Discord app activity and limit app usage: If all the above-mentioned ways do not satisfy your safety measure for your kids, then go for this excellent parental control app called FamiSafe. It is an amazing toolkit with extraordinary features. It provides you impressive results beyond your expectations.

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